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Feelingssss, So Deep in My Feelingsssss!

Wowwww. I haven’t been in here since May smh. I’m ashamed. Let me re-enter the chat with some respect…. Greetings beautiful people! I pray this blog post finds you well. I missed y’all. But you know life be life-ing sooooo I been MIA. I can tell you all about what’s been up if you still love me and want to listen….

This one might get a little long but hey, it’s been months. I activated my hot girl summer and neglected y’all. For that, I apologize. But let me bring y’all up to speed on what’s been upski!

Let me start by saying,



Surprised?! I sure was lmao.

Mr. Galaxy aka Big Jup said he wanna do the dash and I said absolutely. Happened in July in a hotel room in Ohio lol. Short, Sweet and To the point with my favorite people surrounding us. The wedding is scheduled for next year, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise lol. The planning is A LOT, already lol, but cheers to Black Love!

I also did my first paid show! I had a great time at The Exotic XXXperience! The energy was great. The sound system was trash lmao but you know the show must go on. One thing I’m gone always do is hold it down. So many people poured into me with love and support that night! I am very much grateful for the opportunity.

I had another big show lined up for this summer. I don’t remember if I mentioned it on here before or not but it was a festival. It randomly got canceled and I found out on Instagram. I’m sure you can imagine, I was PISSED. Let me unpack this real quick— I wasn’t even super pissed that the show was cancelled. My frustration came from finding out on Instagram and also from the lack of communication about the situation from folks I thought were my people. But hey, ya live and ya learn. I just peep and act accordingly. Learning the hard way that I’m just built different lol.

I’m currently out in LA attempting to live my best life. We came out here with plans to spend OPM [Other People’s Money] and we’ve found that journey to be short lived lmao. It wasn’t giving what it was suppose to had gave lol. List of complaints range from the pool being broken and dirty to the air conditioning not functioning in half the house. And i don’t know if yall know but it’s hot AF in the Hills. So you already know what type of time I was on lol. I come to LA for peace and inspiration. I been here 2 weeks and haven’t been to the beach. Something had to give and it was us lol. We gave up on the OPM train and paid for the proper LA experience. Thank God for provision!


Ya girl landed a sync placement on Madden 23!

I am flabbergasted. Flooredddd! Lmao I‘ve been holding onto this play since the beginning of the year. ‘Risqkae’ the artist is only a year in the making and GOOD GOD! My name is listed on a poster with some of the top names in hip hop. A song I wrote simply to introduce my project is currently streaming all over the world. My mind is blown. God is really going to show me how great it can get. Big wins show a different side of folks though. You might see some colors you’ve never seen. At this point, it feels personal lol. I have so much stuff i want to go into detail about but Imma just let this win breathe. Don’t nothing work but the work and i did that shit! I’m really just getting started.

I feel like I’m currently in a transition stage and this stage feels like isolation. I’ve been feeling energies wayyy stronger and I’ve just been noticing patterns. People are falling out of my life left and right. Times are changing and at a point in my life when I’m longing for community, for friendship, for camaraderie….. I feel like I’m drifting farther and farther from all my gang members lol. It’s like, is it me? Am i the drama? Am i the problem? Lol. Laughing but very serious. Idkkkkk. Things just feel weird. And sometimes it really takes a toll on me. On how I feel. On my energy. I’m literally coming off of a 5 day room lock in. I’m talking didn’t leave my actual room/suite for anything. Lots of catching up on tv and scrolling on TikTok. A part of me needed the rest but I think a part of me felt depressed. I had just had one of the biggest plays of my career, thus far, and I felt like people clapped wayyy more for the other 2 individuals involved than for me. Maybe I was hating. Maybe I was overthinking. Either way I was upset. I be in my feelings yalllllll.

Now don‘t get me wrong, it was a lot of love in the room. A lot of genuine excitement. But i peep how people celebrate me differently. I see it. I feel it. And for the sake of not going too deep or coming off weird, imma leave it at that. Y’all know what I mean. I feel like I be beating a dead horse with this friends/tribe shit lol. Is it just me or yall having this issue to? Let me know.

Let’s end this on a positive note. What’s for you will never pass you. I’m just getting started so if you’re mad now, you’re on a free ride straight to enraged lol. I made some very specific promises to myself and I can’t let me down. All these things I’m feeling, I’m going to channel into my music. You’ll hear about it. I pride myself on being a real one. A stand up individual. Very much an acquired taste, but I mean hey, not everybody fits into the genre lol. To my dream chasers, keep hope alive. And keep your head down. The distractions are numerous. The support is going to waver. But I promise you, it’s worth it. I’m currently living a version of life I prayed for. I also want to encourage you all to love people out loud. Show love. Give love. Spread love. The hate is wayyy too readily available. Let’s get back to the basics and lead with love. Ya know, treat people how you’d like to be treated.

As always, the love and support is truly appreciated. The doors of this blog are always open for your questions, comments and concerns, comment below! Imma stop making promises I can’t keep and just let this thang flow!

Peace, Love & Light,


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1 comentário

Diamond Love Like Black
Diamond Love Like Black
23 de ago. de 2022

Um first off All Congratulations 🎊🍾

you Deserve it all even the time it took for us to miss you love Bug

oowwee you hit everything on the nose Cos I truly feel like most of us are transitioning into something greater as we’ve already tried out our lesser forms of what people thought what was wrong or right and how to grow up I’ve been saying no 🙏🏾 no more chains to hold me down and rot it’s so much but I’ve been writing and would love to be invited to your wedding I’m so excited for you Love

I’ll see you

keep up these wonderful blog’s we need more mentor’s you’ll be great for youth and to com…

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