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Hear Ye, Hear Yeeee…..

Happy New Year, My Babiessss! We made it! I gave y’all a week to chill because I didn’t want to get lost in the sauce of resolutions and New Year, New Me’s. This year I decided to opt out of ALLLLLLL of that lol. I’m truly embracing ‘Flow’ this year. My only concern is EXECUTION. Last year I made hella plans and 2023 KICKED MY ASSSSSSSS! So imma try something different in ‘24…..for the sake of not being insane lol.

Anywaydoe, that’s not what I came in here forrrrrr! I came by to tell y’all that I have an EP coming out on my birthdayyyyyy! (That’s January 20th for those of you gangers that are new lol) And I am SO EXCITED! My husband and I have been saying that this is my best body of work, to date. I feel like I really took my recent emotions and life experiences and put them in this lil EP. She’s a cute but FIERCE 18 minutes long with 7 tracks to add to your daily rotation. There’s a little something for everybody here.

The name of the project is ‘Mood’ and this is the first volume. We’ll be carrying the mood all year. Of course it’s completely produced by my husband, Jupyter. I can’t wait for you all to hear it and tell me what y’all think because I think it’s fire lmao, but I’m bias. Because y’all are my OG Gang, I’m giving y’all THEE EXCLUSIVE! Here are the first looks at my cover art and the tracklist. There’s also a link for you to go ahead and pre-save the project. I hope y’all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed crafting and curating it.

Ok, I’ll be back next week to give y’all some more exclusivessss! The goal is to really pour into this community this year. I pray y’all are down for the ride! And tell a friend while you’re at it!

As Always,

Peace, Love & Light,

Rae’ 🧡

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