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So About that Work You’ve been Avoiding…

Yes, you! I’m calling y’all to the carpet! Greetings Great People! Sorry to barge in so aggressively lol. But when I get new information or learn/process new things, I always have the urge to share. You’re welcome! As you can see from the title, there was some work, and it was being avoided. I made the decision to stop avoiding it and I have to say, it’s been kind of rewarding. But, as my friends and I say, there’s something in the middle lol. That’s the part we’re going to talk about today. But first, a break for celebration!

This little labor of love of mine turned 6 on October 7th! I’m actually surprised that I’m still hanging in there with this one lol, I’m not gone lie. Don’t get me wrong, I still love it and I enjoy writing but ideally I would be further along after 6 years. I guess the thought of how grand my blog could actually grow to be is what keeps me in a consistent flow. To everyone who’s taken a moment to read, comment, subscribe or share, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You have no idea how much even the smallest of actions can impact the visibility of my work and validate the importance of what I bring to the table. It is my hope that you’ll ride it out until the end with me. I plan on doing the dash so I hope you’re ready! 🤞🏾

Alright bet, let’s get to the good stuff *Birdman hand rub*—

So BOOM, I had completely talked myself out of the idea of making ’content creation’ an actual ’thing‘ in my life. The idea of trying to remember to capture moments and curate vibes for social media, especially when my engagement sucks…. It’s a no for me. I’ve had several friends suggest that I put more effort into content creation because it could be really beneficial for my brand, but I was really dodging it. I felt like I had been on social media for so long that by now my page should be rockin’ lol. And that definitely was not the case.

Now, while that avoidance is going on, I’m also longing for ‘work.’ I was feeling like I had too much free time and wanted a way to fill some of it up. (To some that may not sound like a problem lol but I’m just use to working) I didn’t want to pick up a day job because I enjoyed the freedom of my schedule but it’s like girl you have to do something. Now I don’t know about y’all but I’m a vlog watcher. Me and YouTube are definitely 4Lifers. And I sit and watch these girls literally show me how to be and build a personal brand that could earn me an income….. and yet I was still avoiding content creation. And it’s not like I didn’t know how to do it or like I wasn‘t good at it at all…. I had made up my mind that ‘content creation’ wasn’t going to be my route….. Again, over it.

Alright Alright, so the stuff in the middle—

I’m sure you’re wondering, what made you change your mind? It was really the simplest thing lol. One day I was scrolling on Instagram and one of my fellow blogger girls had posted her “yearly Youtube video” and the caption on the post really hit me. (Hey @BriFromTheD ) She mentioned not forcing her relationship with creating content and actually just letting it flow and having fun. Now if you know me, you know I’m extremely hard on myself. I puts THEE pressure on myself all the time lol. Like I drive me crazy lol. And for some reason, I can never turn the comparison down low enough to ignore it lol. (Another reason why I strayed away from content creation lol.) But this time, I told myself we’re going to get into this and have fun and we’re going to let it flow. And let me tell you, that’s hard work lol.

The following Monday I picked up my expensive iPhone and started recording. No pressure, and really no plan, just vibes lol. I said as long as I’m being myself, this should be fun. I didn’t try to do too much and I didn’t try to mirror what anyone else was doing. I just did me. After the first week of vlogging, I felt like I was actually doing something lol. Now I’m 6 weeks in and I feel like I’ve found my flow. Folks tell me they enjoy watching my vlogs and actually look forward to them. And guess what? I haven’t let the numbers discourage me. I know the further I go along, the better it will get. All the free time I was complaining about has been filled with planning vlog content, making music and thinking of fun concepts for Instagram and TikTok.

I hope this all made sense lol. Sometimes the work you‘re avoiding can be the most rewarding. And sometimes the consistency you have in one area of life can encourage consistency in other parts. Needless to say, I’m going to try my best not to file many things in my avoidance folder lol. I’m enjoying dabbling in content creation. I hope you guys do inventory of your imaginary “Things I’m Avoiding List.” It’s probably some heat in there. Where y’all think my recent freestyles came from lol!? (How you not following me on IG!?)

As always, the doors of my comments are open! What have you been avoiding friend? Let’s get into it!

Peace, Love & Light


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