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No Pressure New Year!

Greetings My Beautiful People and Happy New Yearrrr! If you’re reading this, you made it to 2023 and I love that for you. There must be more for you to do and experience, excited much? I planned on writing you all before we actually got to the New Year butttttt…. Didn‘t happen lol. Yall should know me by now. But here we are and I’m glad to be here. Okay so BOOM— the pressure is ON. People are setting goals, making resolutions and stressing themselves out and we’re only 4 days in lol. Chileeeee Please! If it’s one thing I’m not receiving this year, its that. As you can tell from the title, baby this ain’t that. I made no resolutions, I set a few goals and made a vision board for a life of leisure because that’s what I want. I’m not interested in stressing myself out another year in a row.

There is SO MUCH PRESSURE in being alive and even more in being alive and on the internet lol. We try to meet the lofty expectations of “what life should look like” and let me tell you something….. all the rules are fake yall. Lmao all of ’em. Which is why I’m asking y’all to stand with me in a ‘No Pressure New Year.’ Can we, at minimum, agree to loosen the reigns just a tad and take our foot off our own necks for just a moment. Because why. Have you ever thought about why you put so much pressure on yourself? My thoughts led me to a lot of outside sources that essentially don’t even matter in the grand scheme.

I think we need to adopt more fun, more pleasure, more passion, more ease. I think as humans, we deserve. But as black people, we deserve deserve lol. Then as Black Women, whew chile, don’t even get me started. (God Bless Megan Pete!) I just want us to find more love and light in life. I want us to spend more time with ourselves and get to know our true being. I also want us to pour more into building genuine community. We need to get back to the bare necessities of life and lean less towards the things that the internet tells us are important. At this point I feel like I’m rambling but those that get it, get it. Life is to be LIVED and life can be madddd generous but I feel like you can only reap the true benefits when you open up and relax.

With all that being said, I’d like to open up an invitation for you to join me for dinner! For my 30th birthday, I am hosting a series of small dinner parties entitled, “The No Pressure Dinner Series.” These 3 days of dinner partying will simply be just that, dinner and games and drinks and fun lol. With absolutely no pressure to show up a certain way or present yourself in a certain light. It’s all love and that’s the only thing I’m leading with at this point. I got a lot of love to give and this year, I’m sharing it freely because love is a beautiful catalyst for beautiful things. If this sounds like an experience you want to be a part of, please contact me so I can get you the info!

Alright yall, Imma wrap it up. I love you all. Honestly, Truly lol. I hope you attempt to turn the pressure down in 2023. If you’re going to pressure yourself to do anything, let it be to ease up. Take a breather year and take it easy. All that pressure turns to stressing and stress is a killer. I’m going to attempt to give yall at least 2 write ups a month this year, no pressure. But if yall talk to me, it might be more lmao. Let’s connect!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love & Light,


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