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Refocus and Go Harder!

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

You know what happens when you speak too early? You misspeak. Please forgive me for jumping too early. God had tapped me on the shoulder and said “My good sis, that is not what I said. Let’s try this again, listen closely.” So I of course opened my ears to hear loud and clear. I know you’re probably wondering, ‘Rae what in the world are you talking about?’ Well, the last time I wrote, I talked about potential and being blinded by it. Everything about that post still rings true minus the part about moving back to Detroit soon.....because.... not happening. God really put a mirror up to me this past week and showed me that I’ve really been playing it small. Like real small. He basically told me that I had the juice but if I put the cup down again, he’s going to pass it to someone else lol. So let’s talk about fear responses. Because that’s all the idea of moving back to Detroit was.... a fear response. An escape to my comfort zone. Hustling backwards. Walk with me for a moment....

There was absolutely a reason that God brought me to Atlanta. And I’m almost 100% sure, at this point, that it wasn’t to run home scared because the first things I tried didn’t work. If I’m being completely honest and transparent, which I love to do over here, I’m not always on top of my game and on my shit. Sometimes I get real cozy and just sit back like a spectator. I watch what other folks are doing and I complain about how my stuff ain’t moving. I do the smallest amount of work and expect the largest and best outcome. This past week, God really showed me my power. I realized that I could for sure go harder. I can do more. If I’m ever going to get where I think I deserve to be, it’s all dependent on me and my efforts. Of course I already knew that but it’s just wild to realize that I’ve really been playing myself. And at this point, it’s a recurring cycle. And that’s wild.

I stay going through these realizations and somehow dropping the ball midway through the refocus and never maxing out. I pep talk myself out of the trenches and go in for a moment and then I end up right back on the porch planning my trip back to my comfort zone. That cycle stops N O W! As much as I give advice and pep talk people into their dreams, you would think I would follow my own advice. Truth be told, I guess I was a little scared of the next level internally. But turns out, doing it scared is game changing. Do you really and truly believe in yourself?! Like for real, do you?

So yea, here I am, planning to build my brand in a brand new city where I know very few people but I’m going to make it work. Too many things aligned so effortlessly down here for me to run back home because I’m scared. Honestly I have no fear of anything, do everything well. That’s the mantra and I’m sticking to it. I owe it to myself to tap in and max out. It’s time to stop playing small and really take that leap. Life’s too short to live in fear. Your gifts will truly make room for you. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Don’t discount yourself. Let’s get to it!

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