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People Be Weird.

What’s good, good people?! I hope life is treating you well. Chileeee, I know you read that title and immediately thought of someone specific lol. This write up is inspired by the weirdos. And not the kind of weirdos that i like lol. Let’s talk about it. As always, your input and opinions are always welcomed. This is a safe space. If you‘re gang, then you already know.

So boom, I been muting people on Instagram lately for the sake of my mental health lol. And Im laughing because it’s basically, if you do some weird shit towards me or say something crazy, imma just mute you or delete you. That’s the stage of life I’m in right now. I have no desire to keep showing up for these fake ass non-recipricol relationships that everyone seems to be into. If I peep some weird shit, I’m out of there lol. And because most folks don’t even know they’re weirdos, they probably ain’t peeped that i dipped lol. If I‘m being honest, I dont even want to be on social media anymore. It’s so EXHAUSTING. And because I gave up on ‘creating content,’ my engagement, views and likes be low af. The concept of having 1,600 people decide to follow me but Instagram only showing like 3% of those people my content is really baffling. But Anywaydoe, let me run down some of the weird encounters I’ve had as of lately—

So like a week or two ago, I decided that I was going to host a music camp (Dreamville style) to work on an upcoming project. I crafted cute little invitations and sent them out to a set of specific artists that I wanted on the project. I was so excited because I picked a lot of different artists that I thought would KILL this project. Imma keep it cute and not call folks out but I invited like 10 artists and all of them (except 2) responded immediately and were excited to be apart. So I’m LIT! I’m out here watching Dreamville Documentaries and picking beats. I’m turned up. Now I invited 3 female artists (one of whom responded immediately and said IM THERE) the other 2 ladies played it a little different lol. One read the message on IG and then marked it ‘UNREAD,’ which she probably didn’t think I peeped lol, but I did. And the other one never even checked the DM. So the ladies were being weird off top lol. But I just shook it off because I had so much excitement about the camp as a whole.

Well fast forward to the night of the camp. It was suppose to start at 8pm. I get a message at like 7:50 from the one female artist that had agreed to come that read, “Sorry I can’t make it to your party“ or something like that. Immediately I’m heated and offended because first of all you didn’t even read the invitation. It’ s not even a damn party. But i chilled out because I’m like there were a lot of other artist that said they were sliding through. To make a long story short, 4 artist showed up. And I’ll say their names because they held me down. Shoutout to Armani Monte, Asaka The Renegade, Bryce The Third, and Bully. 4 out of the 10 folks I invited showed up.

(Left to Right— Jupyter, Me, Armani Monte, Bullly, Bryce The Third)

All of the excitement and “I can’t wait” went right out of the window when it came down to actually showing up. And yall wonder why I don‘t stay in Detroit for long periods of time anymore lol. The people here are <. I don’t feel supported here most times. Detroit is very much giving cult at this point lol, but thats a discussion for another time.

It will always be baffling to me that most of us in this music scene in Detroit are all on the same level. None of us are ‘superstars’ yet. Some of us have had a few bigger opportunities than others but essentially, we’re all in the same playing field, right here in Detroit. But somehow folks ego’s get so inflated and they become the weirdos that I can’t stand. And it’s wild because it completely kills the spirit of collaboration. All of the women I invited to the table are women I’ve been trying to collab with since I started doing music. All of them have been pretty weird towards me (in my opinion). I’m no longer interested in working with any of them. And that sucks because I admire their artistry. But the game is the game.

Anywaydoe, the weirdos be everywhere too. If I had a dollar for every person that has come up to me since I’ve been home and ran down my business and whereabouts and we don’t talk or aren’t friends…. It’s the most bizarre thing. Like you never like, comment, share, talk, message, nothing lol. But you gone run into me and run down all my business to me lol. You weird. Why are you keeping track lol? Folks love to test the waters trying to see if they still have access. Weird.

If I’m being honest, people showing up for me is VERY IMPORTANT. I do my best to show up for the people I love and make sure they know I support them. I‘ve been peeping how when you do what you said you’re going to do, folks get mad. Weird. I’ve also been peeping how people’s support for others and very different from their ’support’ for me. Whole time some of the people I call ‘friend’ or ‘sis,’ start acting very much the opposite. At this point I feel like I complain about friendships like every post lol. But I been ‘losing friends’ for like a decade straight now and I’m exhausted. My main issue with the whole thing is that there’s never really any closure. We good one day and then like a light switch, BOOP, different. Weird. Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m the problem lol. But shit, how would I know? It always goes from ‘Yea sis, let me know, i got you’ to radio silence. But i digress. Shoutout to my real friends. Love yall forever.

I’m a complicated individual, i know lol. Judge ya motha!

It’s so many random weird things I could list but for the sake of not being too long winded, imma cut this one right here. I might make this another series. I may not. I just be needing to vent lol. And like always, if you read something and felt a ways about it, put it on the table. If I’ve been weird towards you, put it on the table. I’m very much open to correcting my behavior. Just trying to consistently grow and be a good human lol. Talk to the kid!

Until Next Time,

Peace, Love & Light,


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