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My Words Still Stand….

Words have always been my comfort in times of chaos. I’ve written tons and tons of things. Since I was young I can remember writing in my diary or journal. Expressing my feelings, swooning over crushes, doodling…. Writing poems with the pieces of emotions I couldn’t quite find a home for. The words always stood tall on the pages. Things I couldn’t fathom saying out of my own mouth seemed to flow so easily onto the pages until I was empty. I recently stumbled across one of my old blogs and took a stroll down memory lane. I am reminded that the words will always find me and even when there’s no one around to validate the feelings expressed the words still stand tall. On the backs of emotions that have come and gone. The words stand. The courage to express is powerful. Regardless of the attention that said expression is given. My words still stand tall. On the bravery of a soul longing to be understood. My words impact. My words influence. My words engage. My words stand tall, as evidence of every brick laid in the foundation of my creativity.

My words have found rhythm. They’ve found flow. They’ve found a new way to dress up and spread the message. But at the core, it’s all still the same. An ever present urge to share and build. Community. My words are my offering when I have nothing left. My words are my power. My word I stand tall on. My favorite form of self expression. No matter how they get dressed.

Greetings Beautiful People! I hope these words find you well. Here we are pressing forward towards the halfway mark of 2024 and somehow I’ve only showed up here once. For that I apologize. I won’t offer any excuses because at this point, it’s unneccessary lol. As you know, as I wander about, attempting to find new ways to express my creativity, I am always led here. My home. The home I pay rent at and rarely ever visit smh. I often venture out into the world searching for……. Who knows what lmao…..And soon realize that this is where I should be focusing my energy. This is the space I control. This is the space where I can set the tone. This is My Space. (Not to be confused with MySpace, stay with me lmao) With that being said, I think it’s time for me to really take hold of this space. I want this to truly be the hub of my creativity. Home base. Headquarters, if you will.

I won’t waste time bringing you up to speed on my life. If you’d like a little insight, there are vlogs on my YouTube channel. Currently, I am in Houston, TX visiting family and vacaying. I’m working on my 3rd EP of the year and I am trying to create more than I consume which is harder than it sounds lmao. I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting and I realized that I’ve allowed the outside world to rub off on me and shape me in ways I was blind to. All of it hasn’t been good but I’m doing the necessary rebranding. Very often I feel like a beautiful sculpture being carved out and chipped away at. Hoping I find my true and brightest form this year. I’ve gotten rid of a lot of unnecessary baggage. I’ve cut a lot of ties. I’ve established some new boundaries. I’ve embraced being the villain in a lot of stories lmao. I’m growing in ways I never imagined. I’m learning to embrace flow. I’m learning that a lot of people don’t like me for real lmao. I’m learning my place is this wild adventure we call life.

My most intense desire right now is to build a true community around my work. Around my words, whatever outfit they decide to wear that day lol. Whether it’s my #RaendomRants or my music or even a blog post. I want to begin to cultivate a true community that appreciates how I show up in my creativity. I want us to be able to come together and share, chat, love and encourage one another. Hold each other accountable. Be light and love when needed. It is my prayer that my people find me this year. Now I have to do my part. Build it and they will come.

I’ve found the power in my words. I’ve found strength in my words. I’ve found peace through my word. I’ve been called to speak loudly and boldly and I will do just that. Through the fear, the doubt and the double thoughts I will let my light shine bright through my words. It is my hope that you will do the same. You can be and do ANYTHING you want to do under the sun. It is my hope that you find your weapon of choice and choose to slay each day like it’s your last lol. Find the courage to actually start doing the things you’ve always dreamed of. A trick untried is unjustified.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re a saint lol. I hope you found something in this write up that encourages you. Take what you need and leave the rest for your neighbor. We’re all in this together. As we journey to find our power and radiate our true light, let’s commune together in brotherly love (I got that from my Pastor lol) This space is reserved for creativity, love and community and should be treated as such.

Until next time,

Peace, Love & Light,


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1 Comment

Words of encouragement. Who knew these words were what Ineeded and right on time for me. Love, light and peace.

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