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Sometimes You Have To……

Encourage yourself chile. Good day, Good People. I am reporting to you live from a Masterclass on talking yourself off the ledge. [It’s not a real class lol, just reflections from my life, of course.] And boy let me tell you, hardest course I’ve ever taken. In the midst of what you’d think would be a very fruitful season for me, I am currently learning the lesson of controlling my anger and controlling my spiral. *Wipes Sweat* and it’s kicking my ass lmao.

This morning, I got some somewhat unsettling information about a big play I have going on and when I say it instantly sent me…… instant heart rate increase. I immediately got angry because wtf. A very important detail has wayyyy too many holes in it and I, essentially, don’t have the power to get it fixed quickly. And essentially no one does. Smh. I’m mad. I’m angry. I’m amped. Over something I have absolutely no control over. A waste of energy. And it wasn’t until I was at the end of what I now realize is my process of ‘talking myself off ledge’ that I realized I had come a long way in developing a method to bring my mood back to center. Back to happy. So I decided I’d share. With these few simple steps I’ve curved my ‘moments’ down to less than an hour. And as an avid overthinker I’d say that’s magnificent, so let’s get into it—

Step 1: Have your moment. I’m a cryer, so one thing about me, imma cry lol. So soon after I got that email this morning, the waterworks started. I just let the tears come. I’m the type of person that just likes to get that energy off of me and that’s my way of doing it. My way of releasing it. Ain’t no need to carry it around with you all day, and worse, for days. Trust me, been there. I’m speaking from experience honey. Feel it, first.

Step 2: MOVE! Get up. Stand up. Walk around. Shake it off. Literally move your body in some way, shape or form. Hug yourself. Feel your body. Clasp your hands. Reach for the sky. SOMETHING! Sitting in it will only stir the pot and by this point we’re already boiling. We’re not making dinner here, move around.

Step 3: BREATHE. Like really deep. At least 10 times. I mean really fill up your lungs. And release it as hard as you can. Personally, I combine this step with step 2 to really drive it home. It’s giving physical release and mental release and I like dat! But, sometimes I combine this step with step 1. Sometimes it helps begin the shift.

Now these last two steps are my personal faves. These are the steps that really seal the deal for me—

Step 4: I like to call this step ‘Spiritual Sound Therapy.’ I’ve curated [and still curating] a playlist of songs that really pump me, feed my soul and spirit, and put me in a great mood. Now my playlist goes from ‘Love Yours’ x J.Cole to ‘I Am’ x Baby Tate & Flo Milli. And I mean, if you’re feeling like an alchemist go ahead and combined steps 2-4 and go off. Because that’s where I’m at lol. I’m very much a turn on the playlist, breathe deep, shake my hands type of girly. Get in tune with yourself and release that unwanted energy. Feel it fall off.

Step 5: Seal the deal with a prayer. Of course this step is optional for those of you that don’t believe. As for me, I’ve been praying for patience. And lots of it. And understanding. And a lot of other personal things. Of course your prayer is whatever it may be. That’s personal. Between you and your higher power. But for my Christian girlies and guys, if you’re feeling spicy, add ‘not my will but yours be done,’ but only if you’re ready for that shift. It’s wild on the other side. But what the church folks say, Prayer changes things.

So there it is guys—

My power-packed, mini masterclass on ‘Talking Yourself Off the Ledge.’ I’m sure this list will morph as I grow but this is what’s been getting me by lol. I really could star in a True Life episode titled ‘My Life Mad Goofy.’ Lmao. But on my journey to be a better human, I’ve picked up some pretty useful tools and I’m not the type of girly to gatekeep. I want better for all of us. And I feel like that starts with self. Having a handle on your emotions is important. Tuning into yourself is important. And no one’s going to do it for you.

If you like this method of mine, let me know down below. I also would like to know your steps or steps you would add to my process!

If nothing else, just let me know how you’re doing in the comments! I’d love to hear from you!

And for my gang that wants to know what’s on my playlist so far— if you use Apple Music, I’ll gladly shoot it to you. Hit me up!

As always,

Peace, Love & Light,


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