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Don’t Be Blinded by Potential.....

Potential can be one hell of a drug. One you can get addicted to and change your whole life for. We’ve all been there at least once. We get so caught up on what could be and what we think will happen. We dance happily through the fairytales we’ve created and we miss the signs that would’ve told us that sometimes, potential goes completely unfulfilled. Sometimes, potential is just that.... potential, possibility.... and sometimes reality never really lives up to what could be. The thought of that actually sucks lol. I hate wasted potential. I’m the person who’s always going to push for maxing out lol. And when I say max out, I mean full work has to go behind that potential. So let’s make sense of this thing. Let me tell you how we ended up moving back to Atlanta..... blinded by the potential of it all.

The goal has always been impact through music and also making an income off of music. If you remember, last year we moved to Atlanta because my BF had an amazing opportunity to work with Jazze Pha. You know we uprooted our whole lil lives and came on down because the potential behind that opportunity was astronomical. We were convinced that this was our gateway to the big leagues. Come to find out, the finesse in the music industry, in general, is worse than any scammer in Detroit lol. Honestly, we knew that already though. But the appeal of that particular opportunity and the potential of so many others blinded us to the point that we were in Atlanta unhappy and uninspired.

Then of course Miss Rona popped up and shook things up so we packed our lil bags and went straight back to Detroit. Fast forward to our next encounter with the industry’s potential.... we’ve moved back to Atlanta, this time on our own terms for real. We have our friend group, which is also an amazing team of creators, so we were too ready to hit the ground running. Crazily enough though, we were still holding our breath and holding out for that industry break through. The potential showed up in a different form this round. Working with major artists through a trusted 3rd party is so much easier.... or so we thought. Turns out, the industry is only going to let you in and let you shine when they feel like it. The music only comes out when the higher up’s say so. Great music can sit “on a shelf” and collect dust for months. ”Unknown” artist‘s and producers are offered unlivable wages for things they’ve put their hearts into. You’re asked to sign NDA’s and not post records. You’re used up until you’re dry and discarded. You start to question yourself.... your talent.... are you really built for this?

Movies make it look so cute. Your favorite artist’s make it seem so attainable. We’ve dreamed about this so long and worked so hard to get here only to realize we’re probably a bit too pure at heart for this industry. Honestly, I don’t know how the main stream artists do it. And I see why some of my favorite artists are large indie artists. At some point, they want you to sell your soul. And that may sound very Illuminati driven lol, but seriously. It’s like stepping into a game of ‘The 48 Laws of Power” mixed with ‘Hunger Games’ on steroids. The rules are different after some point. The game is different. It will break you, if you allow it to. I always thought I wanted this. Turns out, I fell in love with the potential of what it could be. In reality, the wolf is definitely in sheep’s clothing.... and for the right amount of money, folks will do the unthinkable.

So of course we’ve decided to pivot. No one wants to be continuously used with no compensation.... no recognition.... at that point you’re basically a slave to the game. You see, we’ve chosen to go back home and do what we should have focused on from the beginning, build our label and our own brand. Create the work environment and vibes that are conducive to us. Work with folks who appreciate us. Build with people who aren’t solely looking for a come up or chasing a placement. See, the potential of this thing is even bigger than the last. Complete and total control. But again, its easy to get blinded. The only difference is, this opportunity will only reach full potential based on the work we put in.... and if you’ve ever met the CEO and President of The Galaxy, you already know what’s up.

So take your blinders off and pull out your sunglasses and place them stylishly on your face. Focus in on the potential and make sure that everything around it is adding up and adding value. If you can’t make it make since, it probably doesn’t lol. And that’s okay because like I said before, we’ve all been blinded by potential. You just have to snap back into reality and make sure everything is adding up. At the end of the day, what’s more important to you? Your soul and sanity or the Glitz and Glam? (read smoke and mirrors) I know what side I’m on.... what about you?

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