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7 Ways to Spark Creative Inspiration

Have you ever experienced writer's block or creative block? No matter what you do or what you try, you just can't get in the groove. You can't find the motivation or the inspiration. Your brain is clouded and you're just tired of it. Sound familiar? Yea I been there too. And it can be hard to shake sometimes so I've compiled a list of my best 7 ways to spark creative inspiration. One or all of these will help you get out of the gutter and back in your bag!

1. Meditation: I know, I know lol. Y'all get tired of me talking about meditation but it can really help you get in the mood if you can clear your mind and control your thoughts. And I know some folks think of meditation and think you have to sit on the floor with your legs crossed with complete and total silence to meditate and that's not true. There are several different apps that can assist you in having a quick meditation moment for yourself. Whether you're on the subway or sitting in your office, pop in your headphones and breathe. Take a moment to center yourself and you may find your creative power-up right in there.

2. Music: I find a lot of my inspiration in music. Whether it's the beat or the artist something about music just has power. Sometimes you just need to turn the volume up and dance around. Get your adrenaline pumping. Sing at the top of your lungs. Rock out lol. Music is a vibe and it can create a lot of different energy. Take that energy and make something great out of it.

3. Prayer: Y'all know God is my source. Sometimes you just need to tap into your source. You may be at a point where you need to take a break or a breather. Maybe God is trying to speak to you or through you. It can help to take a moment and say a quick prayer for God to guide your steps.

4. Brainstorming/Doodling: Sometimes you just need to write down all your ideas. Make a list, make a story map or just write all over the paper. Get the ideas out of your head and onto paper. From there you can separate them and figure out what you actually want to do. Or try doodling. I love to doodle lol. Flip through any of my notebooks and you'll find at least one or two pages of doodles. They just help me express random thoughts and feelings

5. Talk to Someone: Different people can inspire different things in people. Have a conversation with someone you don't usually talk to. Their outlook may help spark something and get your creative juices flowing

6. Search Hashtags on IG: Y'all know me and social media have a love-hate relationship lol but I find it helpful sometimes when I'm struggling to get in my bag. I go to the explore page and search hashtags related to what I'm working on. Sometimes you can get inspired by some else's work. Inspiration.....not copying!

7. Change Your Scenery: Get out of the house. Get out of your room. Get out of the basement lol. Try a Starbucks or a library or maybe even the mall. Changes in scenery help create different emotions. You'll see new people and you'll feel new energy, try it

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