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Fighting the Fight of Constant Relevance….

What do I mean by constant relevance? How do big brands market themselves? Trying to stay in your face and stay constantly relevant. If I show up talking about (insert product here) everyday, it’ll always be at the front of your mind. You know, like paying TikTok to pay popular TikTokers to use your song on videos until it goes viral lol. (Yes, they do that). Lately I’ve been contemplating where I fit in all the chaos of constant relevance. Here’s a brain dumpski about said subject lol.

During my weekly mental crisis where I over-critique my current career standing and essentially drive myself crazy lmao, I came across a quote that said something to the effect of— To my fellow creatives, release yourself from the shackles of fighting to be constantly relevant and WHEWWWW! Boy did I need to hear that right there!

Greetings Good People! Hope all is well with ya. I’ve been trying to figure my life out and let me tell you, as the head huncho of the overthinkers brigade, I’m pooped lmao. In this age of technology and internet everything, I find myself completely lost when it comes to creating content to promote my music and my brand. It’s extremely hard not to compare my artist’s journey to other people’s when we literally live in each others business on social media lol. I find myself wondering if what I’m doing is enough. I see the girls put on full productions for shoots and content and it blows my mind. I can’t even find a videographer that wants to lock in and create a masterful vision. I’v been thirsting for community and I’m itching to begin building my team that’s going to take me to the next level.

In the meantime, I spend a lot of time trying to download the mindset of that quote I mentioned in the beginning. When I recently dropped my latest project, I feel like I didn’t create ‘enough’ content to promote it. I also felt like I was getting lost in the shuffle of all the many posts and artists that are already established. Before I could even get into my full stride, the social media streets were a buzz with Megan vs Nicki and I was getting no attention lol. It’s so hard to stay ‘relevant’ on a day to day basis on social media. And I know the guru’s will say that the goal isn’t to stay relevant but honestly, it feels like it is. If it isn’t, why do we show up here everyday? If it wasn’t necessary to show up on social media everyday for your brand, then why do most of our favorite people post at least once somewhere, everyday. These days, I’ve been feeling like I need to disconnect from the internet a bit. It’s honestly creating a weird culture and I don’t like that.

So what’s ya point Black Woman? My point is that creation can be done in flow and stride of life. What we see on social media may try to influence us to push faster to keep up but sometimes we just need to pull back, slow down and trust the timing of our lives. Tapping into social media everyday always has a weird mental influence on me, no matter how long I’m on it. People act different over there. People make up stuff over there. People act like they don’t see me over there lol. And I always feel like I’m behind and being rushed. So ya know what I’m going to do!? Cut back on the BS! While there is still great content and great people on social media, I think it’s getting a little weird in the atmosphere lol. I have soooo much more I can say on this subject but I’m going to stop right here for now lol. Maybe I’ll hit yall with a Part 2.

Until then, let me know your thoughts down in the comments. Has capitalism put us in a position where we have to constantly fight for relevance? Sound off!

As Always,

Peace, Love & Light,


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