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Ummmm, Am I Still Welcomed Here?

I don‘t even know if I’m still welcomed over here *taps mic* *looks around* Is this thing on!? Is anybody still here!? Lmaoooo

Yall don’t beat me up too bad lol, pleaseeee. I been neglecting yall all year. I was in my #VlogEra and I was loving it. 2023 hit a pothole and has been BEATING MY ASS ALL YEARRRR! Life has been a bit hectic. Top foolery being me falling and breaking my ankle smh. But we move. Another day, another chance to get it right. I’m honestly, to this very moment, still trying to pull my life together and find my groove again. Chapter 30 has definitely been a doozy Chile and it flew by. The last time we chatted, my birthday was coming up…. And it’s on the way again lol. So let me get back to my roots and get back on my zoom lol (IYKYK) Let’s catch up gang!

So so so so so so much has occurred since we last chatted, imma just hit yall with the spark notes. An outline, if you will lol. Let’s start at the top of the year—

My 30th Birthday plans turned out great. I hosted my ‘No Pressure Dinner Party‘ in a luxury loft overlooking Downtown Detroit. Very much a vibe with so much love in the room. I cooked for my guest and we ate and played games and drank and had a blast lol. I really enjoyed it. All the people that said they were coming of course didn’t show up but my gang was in the building and everything was love. Love that for me.

In February, my fiancé and I went to Chicago for a friend’s birthday. It was a cute little quick getaway. I also was featured on my first podcast! Shoutout to my girls over at After That 9 to 5 podcast. Love yall! I also got to shoot yet another campaign with my favorite entrepreneur, Mia Ray! What a time!

In March we made our way back to our second home lol, Atlanta. That’s always an adventure. I also got to see Smino in concert. Such a great show and such an amazing artist. Then Jup & I went to Miamiiiiii. It was a work trip lol, but it was fun.

Now April is where the crash out begins. April lacked home training. Unfortunately, in April we had to say goodbye to my furphew Bronx. I literally could cry typing this. It was random. It was tragic. It hurt bad watching him take his last breath. I miss him so much. I could go on but let’s not because it still hurts. Right after that happen, we went on vacay to Florida. That was a quick fun trip to get our spirits back up.

It really just keeps getting more ghetto from here lol. In May, my boyfriend’s uncle passed away randomly. It was really tough on him and his family. Very heavy. Really shook him to the core. We did our best to find the light. God is good.

In June, I recorded a dawg ass summer anthem with a few girls from my city. (Song never came out because people don’t listen lol) I also started working with a new photographer and I got robbed by him. (He took my $1000 retainer and went to Mexico for his birthday and never sent my pics). A lot of lies were told. A lot of back and forth. Follow my TikTok for more details on that. It got messy and I had to drag him on socials. Very ghetto. Lost a friend behind this foolishness too smh. Also in June, my youngest sister got into a terrible accident with a semi truck. She and her friend ended up going under the truck. Completely crazy freak accident. She and her friend both made it out alive, Praise God.

July—A grand tragedy indeed lmao. This is the month I fell and broke my ankle in 3 places smh. Leaving one of my favorite restaurants on my parent’s anniversary. A pain i‘ve never felt before. A crazy occurrence. Really the last thing I needed lmao. I couldn’t put pressure on my ankle for 5 weeks after surgery. It was a really difficult process but I had a lot of help. My family and my fiancé took great care of me. Did I say I ended up with 10 screws (9 now) and a plate?! Crazy.

Top of August I got my cast off and got one of those big boots lol. Still couldn’t put pressure on it for another 5 weeks. I ended up with a knee scooter. My cousin nicknamed me Scoots lol. My mama called me Hop Along lol. What a time lmao.

In September I was finally back OUT$IDEEEEEEE! Not too much tho lol. The highs never got too high without the lows this year. This is also the month that my fiancé lost his grandfather. We went down to Tennessee for his services.

October swung us back in the direction of positivity because in October I GOT MARRIEDDDD! I should probably mention that I spent all year planning my wedding just to end up going to Vegas to get married lmao. Our wedding plans crashed out so many times. I mean SO MANY TIMES. We finally got fed up and went to Vegas. We got married on our original anniversary, October 17th. A cute little outdoor ceremony with a few loved ones there to cheer us on. Love that for us.

November was cool. My ankle was(is) healing up great but I had to have another surgery to remove the anchor screw. It was preventing flexibility. After that surgery I feel like my recovery went into turbo speed lol. Im doing really well. Mom’s birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year. We had a blast with the family as usual.

December is yet unfolding. I’m writing this from my hotel room in Atlanta, preparing to head to Miami for work again. And I’ll be there for Art Basal! So fire.

So yeaaaaaaa, a lot went on chile. It’s been a ride and we’re not even done yet. I’ve shed a lot of habits and thought processes. I slowed TF down (because did I have a choice?) I cried a ton. I prayed even more. I’ve been working on myself and establishing new boundaries. I’m just trying to do all my things and continue to grow. Life can get tough. I had to really lean on the Lord this year. Life isn’t perfect but we’re trying. Everyday above is love.

I would love to hear from you and hear about any notable adventures or wild lessons you’ve learned this year! Let me know in the comments. We’ve gotta catch up friendsssss!

I’m in the process of trying to get my life together (aren‘t I always?) And get back to my roots. Make sure you follow me on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook & YouTube!

Also—I vlogged from January to July if you prefer to catch up in video form lmao!

Chat Soon,


Peace, Love and Light,


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Hi Beautiful

and Congratulations I’m so Proud of you

blooming around I’m excited to see you’re doing Blessed thing’s

all is well I’m Purposely Blessed staying in the way of the Lord you Stay Strong 💪🏾 Sweet Sister


Wow! When you sit back and read this story ya'll really had an event happening each month, the good the bad and the ugly. Lessons learned new goals to be reached. Ain't God good! This has me really thinking. Welcome back Rae! You and your passages were really missed. 🧡🧡

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