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True Life— Folks are Delusional (Part II)

Whew Chile! You wouldn’t imagine how much ammunition I’ve gotten for the rest of this series lol. In just a few days. The delusion is at an all time high lol. But today, we gone talk about these HOES!

Sike naw, just kidding. (or am I?) Today, the delusional group of people at hand are the women that show up thirsty in the faces of men who are spoken for and/or are in relationships. This one goes out to the women who will walk past you and try to greet your man. The women who like to act like you don’t exist but they always have eyes for your man. The women who ooze desperate and thirsty. Sis, try Essentia. Because honey, trying me is never the answer. And you might think, “Hmm, Rae’ sounds like she’s speaking from experience…..” You would be correct. Been there (on numerous occasions), done that (as in lusty lucy’s flocking to my man), got the t-shirt (a ravishing collection lol). Let me paint a few pictures for you and offer some apparently much needed advice.

First things first, a ground rule— If you see someone you know and they are with someone else, have some class and greet everyone and not just the person you know. Especially if the someone you know is with their significant other.

The level of delusion that must be present for any woman to approach the man I’ve been in a relationship with for 6 years (going on 7) and think they have any chance at ANYTHING is quite laughable lmao. Firstly because, its me DUHHH lol. Secondly because, that’s rude AF.

Walk with me—

My boyfriend and I attended an event for an old friend. We walk in and boom, my friend happens to be at the door with her friends. We make intros and I’m saying my hello‘s and introducing my boyfriend…. You know, regular ish. Well, after the event, one of my friend’s friend’s decides she want to follow my boyfriend on IG. I don’t have an issue with that because he‘s a popular music producer so it comes with the territory. What I do take issue with is the fact that SIS ADDED MY BF TO HER CLOSE FRIENDS….. Flag on the play b***h! Because you just met him a few days ago *insert thinking emoji* not to mention SHE NEVER FOLLOWED ME BACK WHEN I FOLLOWED HER. It’s giving snake energy and…. DELUSIONAL, because honestly you could never.

Ok so boom, another event, another broad. Clearly I need to take Destiny’s Child advice and leave my man at home lol, but go with me—

Another friend of mine requested my help with an event she was working. At the time my boyfriend and I only had one vehicle so he dropped me off and popped in to see if we needed help with any heavy lifting. Of course, I’m introducing him to everyone and introduce him to the girl who’s show it is. The night goes on, they work me like a slave, I go home and call it a night. Another show for the books. Only to wake up the next day and find out ol’girl took a page out of the last girl’s book and followed my bf on IG (whilst once again ignoring my follow) and dropped him into her close friends where she’s modeling her Savage Fenty gear….At this point, I’m clocking it as disrespect because, the audacity. Yet another delusional woman thinking there’s room over here for her. If my grandma didn’t read this blog sometimes, I’d tell yall exactly where these broads can go lol.

As I’m writing this I’m wondering, have any of y‘all ever been in a situation like this? Or it’s just me?

It happens to me far too often so I’m tryna see something lol. One of the receptionist at the hotel we’re staying in came out of the restroom, looked me dead in my face and didn’t speak and proceeded to walk down the hallway singing my BF‘s name and telling him how glad she was to see him today. Then had the nerve to write her name down and ask him to do a survey to help her win some money. I kindly threw that sticky note away because honey you are RUDE. And you know we’re together because we’ve been staying here for weeks.

There’s the chicks who walk up and speak to him at events like I’m not standing there and the ones who slide in his DM’s asking about me all the time (Kenya Moore said it best, IM STILL HEREEEE). The delusion literally comes in so many forms. And I’m never sure why women think that disrespecting me is going to get them in a hot spot with my man lol. Bizarre concept. We laugh at you when we get home, just so you know. Disrespecting me doesn’t ever get you cool points and just because my man has manners doesn’t mean he’s flirting with you lol. Y’all gotta relax.

So the questions at hand for discussion today are—

1. Have you been in a situation similar to one I described today? If so, did you hit that hoe? (Jk lmao)

2. How would you have played it with the close friends adding?

I find myself encountering delusion is so many ways and on so many levels these days lol. I blame social media lmao (as I do for a lot of things). I need the gworls to refresh themselves because ‘parched and thirsty’ just will not do. In a world where everyone is preaching ‘girl power’ and ’sisterhood’, there’s still snakes in the grass. Keep ya eyes peeled lol. You never know what bag a broad may hop out of.

Also, this is a very wild way to start Women’s History Month but aye, this is what came across my mental desk so *shrugs* I promise I have more light coming soon lol.

And also also, did y’all like the audio component I added to the last blog? I’m testing the waters so let me know if you prefer it or not.

As always, let me know your thoughts below!

Peace, Love and Light


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Not my migos!!!


I think so many people do not understand how complex you and Jup’s relationship is. It is so much more than boyfriend/girlfriend. No one could ever fill the shoes/role you do. And vice versa for Jup. Love you both🤍

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