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Time Out (feat. Sierra C.) #TranscendDeepDive

Sierraaaaaaa! Let’s just dive right into it. I kicked Sierra off the porch and she came out running lol. Now if you ask her, she doesn’t sing. She’s a publicist by trade. But I met Sierra in the Wayne State Gospel Chorale lol. She didn’t go to Wayne State and wasn’t even in college but she was in our choir because her Youth Pastor was our director lol. We weren’t friends or anything but we knew each other/ knew of each other. Well, not too long ago we reconnected via social media and we linked up when we both moved to Atlanta. The rest is history at this point because that’s my girl and we family now lol.

So let me tell y’all how this feature came about. One day I reached out to her on IG and invited her to be a part of ‘Transcend.’ She asked what I wanted her to do and I said I wanted a verse. So her and her friend James (who is now our friend and he’s also immensely talented lol) write and record this verse on garage band and send it to me. At this point, I found out, she had no clue that I wanted her to sing the actual verse on the project. She thought she was writing the verse for me lol. Honestly, I can’t imagine ’Time Out’ without Sierra‘s verse. Like what!? We did that.

You know what’s funny? The original version of ‘Time Out’ doesn’t sound anything like the final version. After we recorded and finished the song, Jup went back in and completely switched the beat up which led us to the New Orleans bounce version that now closes ‘Transcend.’ You want to know something else? Sierra also shot the album cover for ‘Transcend.’ She was a very important part of this whole situation. The album cover came out SO FIRE and really I couldn’t thank her enough. I had to close the project with this song. I had too lol. I love you so much sis!

And that, my friends, is the end of the #TranscendDeepDive ! This has been such a fun experience. To all the folks that were involved, I am immensely grateful. I love y’all! If you’ve read each one of these, I appreciate you so much. If you’ve streamed ‘Transcend,’ THANK YOUUUUU!

We’re nearing the 4 year anniversary of my blog and let me tell you, we’ve come a long way y’all! Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

And you already know, if ‘Time Out’ is in your Top 5, leave a comment below!

**Sierra also took this photo!**

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