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Love Lost (feat. Rti$)

“I thought we were better than that

Then the truth came out

You know I treat you better than that

But it’s too late now

You won’t find no one better than me

And it’s not a lie

I’m not sad no more, boy listen

I refuse to cry

You never loved me

Why you don’t love me ”

Excuse my French but niggas really be lying lol. Like for no reason. And as you can see from the lyrics above, this song is about niggas that lie lol. A lot of my youthful relationships were built on lies and not always on the other persons part. Sometimes we lie to spare other people’s feelings. Sometimes we lie to stay out of ‘trouble.’ And some folks lie like its their second language lol. In this case, I was in an entanglement with a young man who basically said he really liked me..... practically loved me....behind closed doors. But his public actions said something totally different. Yikes, right! And here I was, being the stupid girl lol, as my mom would call it, eating that ish up lol. Whew Chile, the ghetto.

Anywaydoe, this song was an easy write. Not too complex at all and since I had so much experience with the topic at hand, it practically wrote itself lol. But I felt it needed the male perspective present so I had to slide it to my mans and label mate, Rti$. And of course he bodied it. I remember when he first sent over his verse and we were listening to it. I was so mad he got on my song and fooled like that, I wanted to write another verse lol. Came on my song trying to sing me down lol. Rti$ is very, very talented. Singer, song writer, producer. Pretty amazing. I’m always so appreciative for all the help I get from him during my creation process. I really have no complaints about anything with this song. It was one of the smoothest processes lol.

If you‘ve been around a while, you know Rti$ and I have done quite a bit of work together. If you aren’t hip, you should really check it and him out! And of course, let me know if ‘Love Lost’ is in your Top 5! Inquiring minds would love to know lol.

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