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10 Reasons #TranscendDeepDive

Now usually I start these posts out with the lyrics but we’re almost done covering this album so if you don’t know all ten reasons, sounds like you need to go stream ‘Transcend.’

*clears throat*

Alright, let’s get down to business. ‘10 Reasons’ was inspired by real life events. Shocking? Probably not lol. Every reason listed was based on one guy I dated and all of them are facts except the part about him having a wife. He had a long term girlfriend.... not that that’s better lol. I’m sure you’ve noticed the trend by now and I’m not referring to my trash men selection up until now lol. The complex concepts of love and lust inspire quite a bit of my art. I honestly love love. It’s a beautiful thing. I’ve always been inspired by love even when I was writing poetry. Hopeful Romantic.

Anywaydoe, this guys terrible track record basically wrote ‘10 Reasons’ with no effort. A lot of people love this song and I really don’t know why lol. I thought it was kind of corny but *shrugs* I let the people choose and they did just that. ‘10 Reasons’ is one of the songs that I wrote sometime last year. I never thought it would see the light of day after I recorded it last year. I kind of just shelfed it. But once I started putting the project together, it fit. The rest is history.

If you noticed, there are some backgrounds from Rti$ on this song too. Those extra notes were like the icing on the cake. Once he added those I felt better about adding it to ‘Transcend.’ If ’10 Reasons’ is in your Top 5 then leave a comment below! We love to hear from you.

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