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Think It’s A Game feat. Clutch Coop #TranscendDeepDive

Y‘all think it’s a game

Rewriting the plays, not looking for fame

Yea we not the same

I grind to get mine, work ethic insane

The real can relate

No fear in my heart, prepared for my fate

I’m not scared to be great

If you just heard ‘bout me please know that it’s not too late

This song was written to mirror ‘New Level’ by ASAP Ferg, shoutout to the mob. I really love the song and wanted to capture that same aggressive energy. I probably recorded and re-recorded like 10 times lol. Something about me trying to make my vocal tone “aggressive” wasn’t sitting right with me lol. Eventually I landed on the idea of giving it a more “Kash Doll” flow and BOOM, the ‘Think It’s A Game’ that everyone knows and loves was born.

I’ve been underestimated quite a few times in my life and a few of those times I really let it get to me. ’Think It’s A Game’ was inspired by my “alter ego” lol. She’s the part of me that’s real bossy and outspoken. She’s the one that likes to talk choppy and stunt. She enjoys a good challenge because it’s only going to make her better. She’s real bossy lol. Sometimes you really just have to get in a bag where you just talk your ish and geek yourself up. When Jay-Z said “I have no fear of anything, do everything well,” I felt that in my spirit because I really stay jumping off the porch lol. This song is an anthem for anyone who knows their worth and wants to add tax. Talk your ish. But make sure you can back it up lol.

I picked my lil bro, Clutch Coop, for this feature because he’s really similar to me in character. He doesn’t like to be misunderstood or underestimated either. The real can relate. The funny part is, though we both live in the same household, he almost didn’t make the album because he was late with his verse lol. But I’m glad he got it together because, man. He delivered a real solid verse that really took me from just liking the song, to loving it. Because to be honest, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to use this song on this project. Thanks for the upgrade Clutch Coop lol.

All in all, I love how this song turned out. I chose it to be the second song on the project because I think it sums up how I feel about where my career and I are headed. I hope you enjoyed listening to it. And if you haven’t checked out ‘Transcend’ yet, what exactly are you waiting for?! Stream it where ever you listen to music.

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