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The More You Know #TranscendDeepDive

“The more you know

The more you grow“

“Said when you know better

You gotta do better“

I said “break up and then we make up. It’s all the same stuff, funny little game we call love.” Love in relationship form has felt like a game since my first heart break. ‘The More You Know‘ was inspired by the toxic relationship situations I was in when I was out here in the dating game. Y’all already know how it goes. When you’re young and in wayyy too deep, you can get lost in it and start doing things and dealing with things that you’re really not ready for or don’t even relate with on a character basis. This song isn’t about any one of them in particular. I think a culmination of them all landed me at ’The More You Know.’

I think the concept is pretty straight forward. When you know better, ya gots to do better. The more you know, the more you grow. I learned a lot from these situations and have grown tremendously. The concept applies to everything really. I’ll stamp this on any part of my life. I wrote this song probably last year. I was gifted a few lyrics from a friend, shoutout to G. And I mean, it is what it is. Moral of the story, once you get past the heartbreak, please know that it was a lesson. Please take all that knowledge and grow with it. Because when you know better, ya gotta do better. If not, the cycle will definitely continue.

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