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Sugar & Spice #TranscendDeepDive

Hello Beautiful People! Y’all ready to jump back into the details of ‘Transcend’ yet? I hope I wasn’t gone too long. Let’s jump right into it.

Sugar & Spice was born out of the need for completion. I had recorded all the songs I had written in like one day. The album, so I thought, was complete and it was time to hand it off to my partner in crime to mix and master. Little did I know, he had other plans lol. ‘Transcend‘ began as a 10 song project. I feel like 10 is a very cozy number to land on for an album so BOOM, there it is. But then my producer pointed out some very specific beats that he wanted me to write to and use because they were crafted especially for me and BOOM, again lol, we added 4 extra tracks, one of which was Sugar & Spice.

I wrote S&S in like 20 minutes which is very rare for me. I’m very much a writer-writer lol. I get wordy and I have to take time to simplify and what not. It can be a lot but I’m not really a quick writer. But listen, I perform very well under pressure. So my project was practically complete and now I have to write 4 more songs and we’re still on a very tight self-proposed deadline lol. All pressure. And I have to say, ya girl did her thang!

S&S was inspired by self-motivation. I think it’s somewhat of a pat on the back to Rae.’ And very much a salute to the women around me who are hustling and doing their thang. I don’t even remember how the song came about but it ended up resonating with me so much that I made it the single for my album. It’s actually the only song that I’ve shot a video for so far. I wasn’t super attached to it because I felt like it didn’t really have ‘substance,’ but it was fun. So BOOM, here we are!

In an effort to attempt to keep these very much short, sweet and to the point, I’ll leave it at that. S&S was suppose to have a feature on it but that fell through. As you can see, the song didn‘t even need a feature. It stood alone, on it’s own two feet, just fine. If you haven’t heard Sugar & Spice yet, please go stream it where ever you stream music. I appreciate you rocking with me!

Bonus!!! Enjoy all the behind the scenes pictures from the video shoot! We’ll be dropping it really soon!

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