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Shooting in The Dark #TranscendDeepDive

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

The struggle is real

You gotta learn how to press through

Gotta learn how to do you

Life lessons come from everything you go through

When it’s gets tough, you just gotta learn to grow thru

Remember everything I showed you

Remember praying is pro move

Remember sometimes it’s a slow groove

Remember lessons are a blessing

And you should never stress it

Here’s what we gone do

Shooting in the Dark

You ever have those dark moments where you just feel like giving up? You ever felt like you were putting all your effort into something and not getting anything in return? Things like this are what inspired ’Shooting in the Dark.” I‘ve been shooting from dark corners for a long time. Times get tough and I do my best to keep pushing. We’ve all been there. ‘Shooting in the Dark’ was inspired by overcoming the struggle and strife. My favorite line- “Remember praying is a pro move.” Because it took a lot of prayer to get out of the dark.

Again, a song about visualizing better days lol. I do a lot of that y’all. When times get hard sometimes you have to run down the wins and L’s and realize that most of the time, those wins are going to outweigh those L’s. You just have to relax, breathe, close your eyes and see it for yourself.

It’s so funny because when I wrote this song, I didn’t know how I was going to actually record it because I wrote it with such a fast tempo lol. I wrote this song quite a while ago and never recorded it for that reason alone. I let it sit in the notes on my phone collecting dust for 2 years lol. It finally found its way to the light via ’Transcend.’ I wrote this song to encourage you to keep going. Keep pushing. Shoot your shot even if you miss. A loss ain’t nothing but a lesson. So shoot away lol, because why not. One of our favorite sayings in my parent‘s house is ‘Why not, All they can say is yes.” And boom, SHOOTERS SHOOT!

Ok so boom, Shoot those shots, PERIOD. You never know where they’re going to land. I got a lot of nerve saying this but “GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!” At the end of the day, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

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