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One Thing #TranscendDeepDive

Baby, Lately, I been doing so much overtime been on my grind

Baby, Lately, All I think about is getting mine, can stop my shine

Baby cuz when I close my eyes and see my dreams

Got the G-Wagon, money ain’t a thing

Even with all the fancy cars and diamond rings

I can only think about one thing

The vision is oh so clear man. Like I see everything that my future holds and it’s amazing. This song was inspired by what’s to come. It was inspired by purpose. It was inspired by dedication and hard work. It is a tribute to my future self. I think about her often. She’s a grand woman. She will touch and inspire a ton of folks. She’s lived a lot of life. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ve been around for a lot of the life she’s lived lol. Lots of ups and plenty downs. Heartbreaks. Broken friendships. All of that. She’s been a lot of things to a lot of people.

”Play the hand that I’m dealt to precision, can’t nobody be me, ain’t got the vision.” I’ve played the hell out of the hand I was dealt if I do say so myself. My future has kept me encouraged for quite some time now. One of my goals is to teach folks how to recognize their glow and help them find ways to stay encouraged. I’ve been one to visualize everything for quite some time now. ‘One Thing’ is representative of the thing that keeps you pushing through when you want to give up. The one thing the calms your spirit.

When I think back about this song and what it’s actually about, at first, I couldn’t figure out what the ‘one thing’ actually was. When I think about it now, I think the ‘one thing’ is actually several things lol. The main one being impact. Impacting hearts and minds on many different levels. Another important concept in the song is being mindful of who you celebrate with because “everybody that’s cheering ain’t always your people.” I’ve had people around me who just kept me around to keep track of my moves. Folks will latch on and smile in your face then talk behind your back. Be mindful. “They standing right there next to you, just like they ya people.”

“Life is mad generous. Life is feeling process. Sometimes you just gotta let that thang flow. But remember one thing, always put the work in. Tap in and max out, it’s no handouts.” At the end of the day, you can plug anything into the spot of that ‘one thing.’ Whatever inspires you, whatever pushes you, whatever makes you tap in and max out.

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