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Intro #TranscendDeepDive

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

This is the soundtrack to my indecision

I thought I had a plan

I thought I saw the vision

Sitting thinking back on things like shit, what am I missing

But now the futures the present

No need for reminiscing


thought if I threw it high enough someone out there would catch it

Don’t wanna sound desperate

Been dreaming since my adolescence

Ran into a lot of folks that kept my mind distracted

But things are different now

Keep my eyes on the prize so I don’t miss the ‘wow’



Just breathe

This too shall pass

Say it with me ‘this too shall pass’

It doesn’t matter

It doesn’t matter


Another day, another chance to get it right

It’s different

Just breathe

This short introduction to my project basically sums up the process that it took to get this thing completed. After I completed Capriquaraeus Vol. 2 in 2018, I pretty much hit a brick wall. Writers block. Creators block, etc. I had beats but no inspiration to write. So I fell off. I began to doubt my abilities. I began to feel like it wasn't worth it. I just totally stopped writing songs. I was so indecisive about my music career. Did I even want to call it a career? What exactly was it. I gave up on the whole thing and decided that I was going to pour myself into everyone else's projects. I really was looking for some unnecessary validation.

Fast forward to early April/May of this year, I just randomly decided that I was going to put out a project and guess what? We worked our butts off to make that happen. 'Transcend' is two years in the making. And she's damn near perfect lol. I love it so much. It turns out that I did have a plan and the vision was clear. I just had to focus and breathe. And I had to believe that this too, shall truly pass.

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