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Hold Tight #TranscendDeepDive

“I’m swift like a heart attack

I steal your heart real quick, you won’t get it back

I be the love of your life baby, that’s a fact

You ain’t nothing like in my dreams but opposites attract“

”Having fun yet? Cause I ain’t done yet”

If you’re from Detroit or you know someone from Detroit then you know we like to talk a little choppy here and there lol. For those of you that aren’t hip, ‘talking choppy’ can be defined loosely as basically talking reckless or talking -ish or even talking slick. ‘Hold Tight’ is pretty much me talking choppy about how much of a catch I am lol. The gworlz are in control and I’m leading the pack. This song is a mild attempt at tapping into the sexy side. A little Risqué Rae’

This song was suppose to have a feature on it. Sis probably would’ve ATE it TF up too, but she flaked on me. We hate to see it lol. But the song is still groovy. I think it added a different lil vibe to the project. I wrote this song last year some time and I absolutely hated the way it came out so I trashed it lol. As you can see, I resurrected her in rare form and the rest is history. It’s not my favorite track as far as the songs go but I love the beat. It did what needed to be done.

Let’s get a little interactive, does ‘Hold Tight’ land in your Top 5 tracks from ‘Transcend’? Let me know!

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