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Eternity (feat. Bryce the Third) #TranscendDeepDive

“I wanted to love you til I had nothing left

Just to keep you a float, id give you my last breath

They always say why you love ‘em, you mean besides his depth?

He keeps me smiling and laughing

Happy, if nothing else

My inner workings neatly placed on my sleeves

He sees me, in all my essence and still chooses to believe

It’s unconditional

He loves me, baby those are facts

And if you ask him how much

Prolly to the moon and back“

Would you believe me if I told you that my mama low key wrote the hook on ‘Eternity’ lol? Like one day, we were all chilling in the living room and chatting and what not. I was trying to finish up the project and if you remember, I had about 4 songs to write at the last minute. So I was listening to the beat and going over the verse lyrics but I was stuck on the hook. I bounced it off my mom and she wrote/sang something that inspired what is now “Here in our eternityyyyyy, ohhhhhhhh, yeaaaaaaa” lol. So simple but I love it so much.

My love song. My geek ya man song. My “create your own love story” song. I really like how this one turned out. The feature on the song was perfect and the whole song just turned out fire, in my opinion. Inspired by my partner in crime, shout out to Jup, this song is dedicated to the lovers lol. Would you believe that I hadn’t met Bryce before this song came out? And I hadn’t even heard his music before I knew I wanted him on the project. Have you ever encountered someone via social media who‘s spirit just resonated with you? Bryce the Third, ladies and gentlemen.

I met Bryce virtually through one of our label concerts on IG Live. I enjoyed his performance but I also enjoyed the way he spoke and his outlook on his career and his life. He was giving “work in progress” and “push through, positive vibes” and I enjoy those types of people. So I knew, off bails, that I wanted him to be a part of ‘Transcend.’ Jup is the one who picked the song to put him on and the rest was history. If you like love songs, ‘Eternity’ is the one for you.

So let me know, is ‘Eternity’ part of your ‘Transcend’ Top 5?

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