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A List of Random thoughts….

  1. It’s really 2022

  2. This is really my last year in my 20’s (I turned 29 on the 20th)

  3. I’m getting more and more comfortable with the current version of my body

  4. I deleted Facebook, Instagram and Twitter from my phone

  5. Have you ever seen or heard someone repeat one of your ideas like it was theirs?

  6. I plan to write and read wayyyy more this year

  7. Social Media is really making folks crazy…. Audacity is at an all time high

  8. The more I get into my music career, the more people fall out of my life

  9. I am feigning for community and I hope that pouring into my website and myself gets me that type of tribe I‘ve been craving forever

  10. I never feel like I lack anything until I log into social media (It’s always in comparison to others when those weird thoughts and feelings arise)

  11. I haven’t had a stable income since 2019 lol

  12. I talk to God SO MUCH these days

  13. Reflection is necessary

  14. So many people that don’t fuck with me keep track of my moves on a consistent basis lol

  15. Cozy and cute lougewear is a cheat code to bad-bitchery lmao

  16. Hard work and consistency is going to do it every time

  17. I really been doing music for 5 years

  18. I have some pretty fire sync placements in the works

  19. We really could have been chilling on beaches and eating fresh fruits and what not but instead we out here paying bills and taxes and going to work smh

  20. I think I may have a slight filter addiction sometimes (Another reason I took a social media break)

  21. Some stages of life are mad lonely

  22. I made a mistake and cut a patch in my eyebrow while trying to cut the lace on my wig lol

  23. I been in Houston for a month but I’m headed back to the west coast soooonnnnn

  24. People really get to acting weird when you do exactly what you said you were going to do

  25. If you’ve read this far, you a real one fasho

  26. Don’t let the actions of others and the world turn you cold because they will for sure try

  27. I’m still getting birthday gifts from bae

  28. I really was on IG talking to people and trying to build virtual connects and folks really were playing it crazyyyyyy

  29. I treat folks how I’d like to be treated. Forever giving off good energy because I know how beneficial it’ll be to my life in the long run

I’ll be back to writing actual blog posts very, very soon. I’ll also be posting new content, vlogs, write ups, music, etc., right here on this blog. I want this to be a free space for connection and expression. To a year of growth and progression and getting back to self.

Peace, Love & Lightttttttt!

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