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My Top 5 Albums ALWAYS in Rotation

Top 5 Top 5 Top 5! Y'all know I love music and if I had to listen to a genre for the rest of my life, I'd choose R&B. Something about chill vibes and soulful beats just hits my soul a special way lol. Now these 5 albums I'm about to share with you all are a few of my faves. I'm not saying these are the best albums ever and I'm not trying to argue lol. Let me say that first because I know how music folks get lol. But let me share with y'all a few albums that won't ever be out of my rotation:

1. CTRL-Sza

If you've been around these Everyday Rae' streets a while you know that when this album dropped I did blog write ups for each song explaining how they related to me. Man I love this project. It's so raw and real. Sis wrote nothing but truth on this project. Like every song hit my soul. I don't skip not one track. This album has heart and it's a classic. I love it.

Standout Lyric Overall: Why you bother me when you know you don't want me (lol it's a great question)

Fave Song: Supermodel

2. Freudian- Daniel Caesar

Something about the music on this project just puts my spirit at peace. Add on the lyrics and I'm on cloud 9. When I'm in an agitated mood or things are getting frustrating, I put on this project. It's smooth. It's soothing. It's definitely a vibe. Now I did have an attitude with Daniel Caesar when he was getting mixed up in that YesJulz mess and standing for her when she was definitely in the wrong..... BUTTTT ain't no denying this project. I love it too much.

Standout Lyric Overall: It's never over until life ends

Fave Song: Blessed

3. Gumbo- PJ Morton

This album is just...... man. Musically, it's fire. Period. I mean PJ is a musician, come on nah. There's a lot of messages in the lyrics. There's a lot of emotion. He kept it all the way real on this project man. I love it. I probably know the words to every song lol. I don't really have words man. Check it out if you've never heard it.

Standout Lyric Overall: And I have a habit of, dreaming bigger than anything I've ever seen, right in front of me

Fave Song: How Deep Is Your Love

4. Everything is Love- The Carters

This project feels like power couple and boss moves lol. I love listening to this and riding around with my boyfriend. It makes me feel like BIG MONEY. I love to hear people talk their ish lol. It's motivating. Especially when it's Jay-Z and Beyonce. I'm totally here for them joining forces for this stunt. And the visuals that went along with this project.... Just YES! They got off with this one

Standout Lyric Overall: You ain't talkin' 'bout nothin', I ain't got no time. Got that dinero on my mind

Fave Song: NICE


Period. Because Jilly from Philly can do no wrong in my eyes. That's my GIRL. Forever. Jill Scott is a songstress man. She is a powerhouse. She is a poet. I am a poet lol. You see the connection. Her words. Her vibes. Her lyrics. You can feel the raw emotions through the songs. She is amazing and I'll stan for her forever!

Standout Lyric Overall: I can't choose one and y'all can't make me lol

Fave Song: I don't want to choose but I'll go with So In Love

Honorable Mention..... And y'all probably gone be mad so I won't elaborate too much lol.

808s and Heartbreaks- Kanye West

I'll just leave it at that lol

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