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5 Beauty Products I Can't Live Without

There's beauty in the struggle ugliness in the success. Beauty is pain. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You are so beautifulllll, to meeeeee lol. Let's talk beauty my friends. For some folks, beauty is top priority and for some, it's not so important. Personally, pouring into my "beauty" is an effort in self love. I like to make sure my skin is clear and my hair is laid and my nails are on point. I like nice clothes and beautiful aesthetics and all that jazz. Today I'm going to put y'all on game about some beauty products that I just can't live without.... walk with me:

1. Rae' Butter

I'm sure it was pretty obvious that this would be the first item on my list. I mean, it's my product. Rae Butter is whipped shea body butter and it is a blessing if I do say so myself. The texture, the scent, the moisture..... what's not to love. I moisturize my entire body with Rae' Butter EVERYDAY! Period. It keeps me moisturized throughout the day and it smells amazing. It's a perfect way to lock in moisture in these coming cold months also.

2. Rosehip Facial Oil

So check this out, earlier this year I took a trip to LA for my birthday. Now if you've ever been to LA then you know that it's DRY HEAT CENTRAL. When I say that dry heat did a number on my skin, it's not an exaggeration. My face was completely broken out. Like all over. And i was SO annoyed. It was like a rash. I was asking around on social media trying to find out if anyone had suggestions on how I could clear this up and BOOM! Someone suggested Rosehip Oil and I've been hooked ever since. I use this oil on my face every. single. day. It's a perfect moisturizer and keeps my skin clear and popping. It smells terrible lol, so brace yourself. But it's my favorite.

3. Oil Scents (Perfume)

Now personally I was a body spray gal for the longest. I use to have like maybe 2 actual perfume sprays and a ton of body spray. My life changed for the better when my boyfriend introduced me to the perfume oils. Personally, I feel like oil perfumes are more potent and they last wayyyy longer. A few dabs goes a long way. My personal fave at the moment is actually a male scent called Creed Adventus lol. If you've never tried oil perfumes, get into them. You won't regret it.

4. MAC Mineralize Powder

Heaven sent. Like straight from above. This is my go-to make-up product. Especially when I don't really want to wear make-up. It gives my skin a flawless finish. I wear it on my everyday beat and my glam beat. It's just that good if you ask me. I'd vouch for it anyday.

5. Oversized Scrunchies

I know you're probably like girl what?! But listen, have you ever been trying to put a ponytail in your hair and the scrunchy just POPS?! I have....numerous times. I am SO GLAD that they make the huge scrunchies now. I don't have to worry about trying to be super careful so i don't pop it. They stretch and they fit and my puff can flourish off top lol.

So yea, check out one or all of these products. You're guaranteed to like at least one. You never know what a new product can do for your beauty routine.

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