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Jump Off The Porch

I'm sure you remember being a kid and being so excited that you could jump off the porch. No fear in your heart, you were ready to try it. You jumped off one step, then it was two, next thing you know you're a stunt double lol. I remember watching my older cousins jump the whole porch lol. I would say to myself, one day I'll be able to do that. Oh the heart of the child lol. There's nothing like it. But jumping off the porch looks a little different when you get older. Them knee's aren't built like Megan's and if you fall, you might breaks something or ache for the next week lol. Luckily today, the porch is just figurative lol. When I say jump off the porch I'm saying it in regards to launching ideas and chasing your dreams. Jump out the window and build your wings on the way down.

Some of us have risk in our bones. We aren't afraid to try new things and start new ventures. Others find it scary to even attempt to start a new venture because "what if." Here's the thing, life is filled with "what ifs." There's literally a trillion different "what ifs" for every venture. But if you decide to waste all your time contemplating the "what if" you'll never know the actual ending. Dreams don't work unless we do so why waste time contemplating when you can shoot your shot. If it doesn't work you can start something different. At least now you know one way that doesn't work. And they say once you shoot one shot, if you fail, at least you won't be starting from scratch anymore. You'll be starting from experience.

This is just a friendly reminder to not overthink and just start. Done is better than perfect. You can always learn and grow. Don't get trapped in the "what ifs." And if you need someone to push you off the porch, call me lol.

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