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3 Reasons You Should Tell Your Story

We've all done this life thing in several different ways. Our experiences and upbringing have shaped several things about our characters. Some of us have shared experiences, especially black people lol. And it's fun to share stories and laugh together about how our parents were so similar. We also share some of the sames traumas and it helps to share stories and learn how to cope together. But here's the thing, if we never tell our story or share ourselves with others, how will we connect and have impact? I personally think it's imperative to share your story. You never know how it will help the next person.

A minister at my church says that we win souls for Christ by sharing our testimony. A testimony is a story of how you got over or how you survived. If you struggle with whether or not you should tell your story, let me give you 3 good reasons why your story is oh so necessary:

1. Support: I'm sure there is one, if not many people who share the same experiences you have. They've conquered the same battles or are trying to conquer them. They've been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Support helps us not feel alone. To know there is someone, somewhere who feels exactly how you feel can help you cope. Demetrius Harmon has built an entire brand based off of his coping with depression and suicidal thoughts. Building community breeds support..... but how will you know if you don't share your story

2. Empowerment: It's empowering to be able to stand in your story and show people how strong you are. How vulnerable you are. How resilient you are. Sharing your story let's folks know they're not alone. We're all ex-somethings. We've all made mistakes or struggle to conquer things. It's empowering to share how far you've come and also how far you want to go..... but how will you know if you don't share your story

3. Blueprint: Wouldn't you want to make someone's journey just a little bit easier by offering advice based on your experience? Your story can help someone not make the same mistakes you made. You can help them dodge some bullets and take a better route to the goal if you share how you got there. At the end of the day, I feel like God put us here to help the tribe we've been assigned and what better way to help than sharing your ups, downs and all arounds..... but how will you know if you don't share your story


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