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Don't Shoot the Messenger!

God can speak through things and people that you wouldn't even expect. Have you ever experienced this? A child says something that sparks your brain in an unimaginable way. A random stranger gives you a gem in conversation that sticks to your soul. You read something on social media that completely READS you lol. Or you just downloaded the Pattern app lol.

I was having a conversation with a friend and I was explaining to them how God speaks to everyone differently and it's up to you to build your relationship with him so that you are able to hear and discern his message. I think God speaks to me through reinforcement. I'll have an idea and then see something on social media that reinforces that idea and I'm like "I hear you God." Or I'll be overthinking something and then have a conversation with someone that totally calms my spirit.... reinforcement. Or should I say confirmation? I think I like confirmation better lol. My boyfriend says that God yells at him lol, because that's how he talks to himself. Some folks say they can hear God talk directly to them and some say they can just feel him. Regardless of how He reaches out to you, you have to build that relationship to actually get the message. Tap into the source.

So get this, sometimes the message will come in a package that you least expect. God may use your enemy to confirm something to you. He may send an animal or child. The clouds could open up and the sun could shine directly on you. It could be traffic or you may get sick. There's a message and method to God's madness lol.

So why am I saying all this lol? Let's bring it all together. Sometimes we miss the message because we're too worried about the messenger. God uses several different tactics to talk to us and lead us. It is my hope that you tap in with God to build a relationship where you can hear him loud and clear. He wants to lead you to all he has promised you but you have to make the effort to get in touch with him. God's way is the best way. Not our wills but yours be done Lord. We're following your lead as we end this decade with a bang.

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