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Back Up.....BACK UP

Inhale peace, exhale chaos. Breathe fam. I know life comes at you fast and that's why sometimes you have to give yourself space. Space to think. Space to unwind. Space to breathe. A moment alone. Sometimes you need to just give yourself SPACE.

In a world full of constant updates and access to tons of information at your fingertips, sometimes you just need to take a step back. Step away from everything. If you're anything like me, you internalize things far too much. You feel deeply, you experience deeply and you overwhelm yourself far too often. You're hard on yourself because "you could be doing more." You constantly talk yourself out of ideas because "what if no one supports me." You don't celebrate yourself and you continue to push yourself until there's absolutely nothing left.

This is a gentle reminder to give yourself space. Space to grow and space to just be. I know the pressure to be perfect and to be working and to be hustling and to be grinding and to be POPPIN' is oh so present and sometimes you feel like you just can't keep up but hold on, back up and give yourself space. Trust the timing of your life and trust that no matter what is thrown your way, God won't put more on you than you can bare.

Find peace in knowing that what is for you will not pass you. It's okay for you take a moment for yourself. Extend your arms wide and breathe deeply. Wake up and smell the roses. Shut your phone off for a few hours. Meditate. Take full advantage of the SPACE so that you'll be able to level up mental. That's most important in life right?!

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