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5 Ways to Beat A Bad Day

Every boss has a bad day, it's inevitable. Things happen. But as a boss, you can't sit around and sulk in it because you have things to do. We have our moments and we push through. Some bad days are harder to conquer than others so here are a few tips for beating a bad day like a boss:

Tip #1: Prayer and Meditation: Take a moment to realize that bad times and troubles don't last always. Center yourself by grabbing your crystals, lighting a candle and calming your spirit. When it seems like nothing is going right, know that you have everything within you to boss up and conquer the day!

Tip #2: Listen to Black Women, Literally!: Our fellow #BossBabe Scottie Beam created a killer playlist full of music made by Black Women. Music has a way of creating a vibe like no other. Turn up your headphones and vibe that bad day away. I don't know about you but #BlackGirlMagic always puts a smile on my face.

Tip #3: Write Your Pain Away: Sometimes you need to just get things off your chest. Grab your notebook and get writing. Journaling helps you clear your mind and can assist in calming your spirit.

Tip #4: Video Journaling: Grab your phone or computer and chat it up. This is a cool way to express your thoughts aloud. Sort of like therapy without the expert advice

Tip #5: Workout: Working up a sweat can help you release pinned up aggression and calm your spirit. Punch that punching bag a few times. Take a run. Learn a new Zumba routine or try yoga.

The list of ways to beat bad days could go on and on forever. Wear something fancy, write a gratitude list, turn your phone off or read a book. Whatever you choose to do, know that bosses always come out on top so don't let a bad day get you down.

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