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#FatGirlFall What’s Good?!

So we went from #HotGirlSummer and #CityGirlSummer to #FatGirlFall huh? I’m here for it. I hope y’all don’t think Fat Girls are going to play it soft either. Have we defined what exactly #FatGirlFall is as a community or are we leaving it up to each individual lol? Because if you ask me, I think it’s another effort in body positivity and I’m all for that. “Fat Girls” are forever in style and this blog is definitely #FatGirlFriendly. Personally, this #FatGirlFall I’m working on my discipline when it comes to my health. I’ve been plush all my life and it doesn’t really bother me but I do need to get in shape. My #FatGirlFall will also include an upgraded version of Rae’. I’ve been playing it small and dimming my light so it’s time to wrap that up.

This #FatGirlFall I’m going to flourish forsure. A Rae’ you’ve never seen before. Remember the Risque Rae’ I talked about at the top of the year? Well she never really made her debut, sooooo I’ll be introducing her this #FatGirlFall! I think it’s actually going to be perfect. Are you ready? Y’all ain’t ready lol. It’s time to act up lol. I have some cool stuff planned, #FatGirlFall, whats up?!

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