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A Seat at The Table with Jazze Pha

For a split second I was standing outside of my body, looking at the table like how in the world did I get here? Have you ever had one of those moments? Like you’re in a situation so unbelievable that you’re just in awe. Whew chile, this was one of those days. If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you know I work in music. It is my dream. It is my passion. It is very important to me. My boyfriend also works in music and he’s a producer. So let me tell y’all how I ended up at a table that a lot of music folks won’t ever have a seat at….

My boyfriend currently works with Jazze Pha down in Atlanta doing production and engineering. I’ve come down to Atlanta a few times to visit but I’d yet received the opportunity to get in the studio and actually meet folks. Well this particular weekend, Jazze Pha was being honored with the Vanguard Award at the Rolling Out RIDE conference and my boyfriend was invited to attend the ceremony. Well me being the the me that I am, I assumed that just like his work in the studio, this would be a solo mission. Boy was I wrong lol. I was offered the opportunity to attend the ceremony (Which in itself was big to me) and I was allowed to sit at one of Jazze Pha’s reserved tables. There were 3 tables reserved for he and his family and friends and I WAS ALLOWED TO SIT AT ONE lol. I was geeked off of that by itself lol. But y’all, it gets better!

So we’re sitting there watching the opening performances and I’m all in because sis was playing violin and deep down in my heart I still loveee the violin lol. While I’m busy looking at the stage, people come and sit in the 2 open seats next to me. I look to my right and to my surprise, IT WAS FREAKING JAZZE PHA AND DALLAS AUSTIN! At this point I’m shook lmao. Two legends sitting right next to me. Jazze shakes my hand and we have a brief little intro conversation. Here I am, Lil Rae from the Westside of Detroit, chilling and celebrating with Jazze Pha. My boyfriend and I literally hung out with him until like 3am. My mind was blown lol.

Let me tell you-- complete and total confirmation. All the work I’ve put in over the years to get places like this has finally paid off. My foot is in the door and this is LITERALLY ONLY THE BEGINNING! Listen y’all, chase your dreams with reckless abandon. If you feel in your heart that that’s what you’re supposed to be/do, GO FOR IT! You never know at what point it will pay off. Trust the timing of your life. There is literally NO LIMIT to the magic within. I promise. I’m living it.

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