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Write the Vision, Make it Plain!

It is inherently important that when you are hustling and grinding and chasing your dreams, you keep your eye on the prize and you keep your vision for your life in the forefront. Sometimes we get clouded and we lose sight of our goals. We drown in our sorrows and somehow find ourselves walking down 'whoa is me' lane. As I find my way out of the temporary darkness that my mind sometimes puts me in and find my way into God's marvelous light, I felt urged to create a vision board as sort of a reminder of the beautiful things in my present and the beautiful life journey that is to come.

I have the gift of vision and clarity with a vast imagination and I can literally see myself in my next chapter of life. It's going to be beautiful and amazing and I'm thanking God in advance for the provision. This vision board is just a small glance into the mindset and lifestyle I see for myself as we journey toward the second half of 2019. I hope you all are staying motivated and keeping your eye on the prize!

Did you make a vision board this year?

Do you prefer digital vision boards or actual physical copy?

I'd love to chat with you about your goals for the 2nd half of the year and your vision for your next chapter and your life!

Let's Connect over on Instagram! Let's keep each other motivated!

Check out my Vision Board here:

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