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The Everyday Rae' Gift Guide!

It's the most wonderful time of the yearrrr. For some reason, people love to skip right over Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas. Something about Christmas puts folks in a warm mood. Maybe it's the giving. Maybe it's the music. Maybe it's the time they get to spend with family. Either way, it's that time of year and I'm going to share some of my favorite gift ideas with you all. Hopefully this list helps you as you Christmas shop. Now listen, I'm biased so all of these gift ideas will be from Black Owned Businesses. Got to support my people! A lot of these businesses have Black Friday Sales coming up also! Happy Shopping!


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Some of us prefer to keep all of our cards and cash and what not in a simple wallet. Not too many compartments. Chic and cute. Well ladies, this wallet is for you. I purchased one for my sister for her birthday and she LOVES it.

2. Icconic Waist Beads (3 Strands) $25 + S&H

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For the ladies who want to track their waist while they're on #OperationGetSnatched or for the ladies that like a little jazz/pizzazz around their waist. I love my waist beads because they're cute and they keep me alert about when I'm bloated and what not. Cute and inexpensive gift


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Listen, shape-wear is for women of all sizes and Za over at FBF has you covered with some of THEE BEST shape-wear I've seen thus far. If you need some convincing, visit her Instagram page. It's worth it. Smooth you out and have you looking snatched this holiday.

4. My Taught You Journals $20 + S&H

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Now y'all know I love my girl Myleik. These journals are great. I have the Limitless Living journal. She has great, informative intros in each journal. She takes her time with crafting these. Perfect for anyone who still loves writing things down.

5. Featured Courses from Mattie James (Prices Vary)

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For those people in your life who are bloggers and creatives. Mattie James offers some very beneficial online courses that will assist influencers in reaching the next level

6. The Wealthy Brand Apparel $45 and up

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Y'all probably thought this list was going to be only for women huh lol. Nope, guys I've got you covered too. The Wealthy Brand is a dope street-wear brand from Detroit. They are continuously blowing up and will be opening a storefront on Friday. Great brand and mindset to support!

7. How to Be A Gentleman $27 + S&H

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Some guys need a refresher course lol. I've heard great things about this book. If there's a man in your life who enjoys a good read, this book is for him.

8. Good Men Still Exist T-Shirt (Men's & Women's) $20 +S&H

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I think this shirt pretty much speaks for itself. I know for a fact that Good Men Still Exist. Let the world know with this t-shirt.

9. The Crayon Case

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I couldn't even narrow it down to one item for you to purchase because they're all dope! Like forreal. And Supa, the owner, is a great soul. I watch her do her make up on IG Live all the time and the pigments in her eye shadows are AMAZING! If you like make up, i'm sure you'll enjoy this brand

10. HGC Apparel

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Last but not least, the popular street-wear brand, HGC Apparel. They have tons of hoodies and t-shirts and accessories and everythingggg. There's something for everyone!

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