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A Letter to Lil' Baby Rae'

Lil' Baby Rae.' If I could do it all over again, I wouldn't change a thing because it made me who I am. But let me give you some advice so that you can possibly make some easier decisions for life. Always believe in yourself. That's first and foremost. PERIOD! You can do anything you put your mind to baby girl. And I know you've probably heard this a million times. They probably tell you this all the time in school, but as cliche as it sounds, its true. You are a gem. God blessed you with a very powerful mind and an energy that is unmatched. Use it. Never let the opinions of others effect how you operate. You only get one life to live. You have to make the most of it.

When you look in the mirror, know that you are an amazing creature. God created you in his image. Know that the opinions of others should hold no weight in your perception of yourself. See a queen, every time you see yourself. Know your worth, always. Let no one discount you. As long as you have yourself, you're good. Know that all the rules that your parent's make you follow as a child, are helping you build character. You'll grow to appreciate everything they've ever done for you. Study as much as you possibly can. Knowledge is, and always will be, power. Get it and use it. These men, lil baby, these men will try to finesse. They will attempt to use you up until you're dry. They will try to abuse you emotionally. Stand your ground my love. Do not let them get into your head. Please understand that not one mistake you have made or will make can ever stop a new day from coming to pass. God will always have your back. You are a powerful being, period. There is no question about that.

Understand that friends will come and go. For many reasons you may not understand. Love them in the moment. Live in the present. And when it's over, let it go. Life goes on. When things come to a close, you may not understand it all. Sometimes it's not for you to understand. People come into your life for a reason, season or a lifetime. Everything doesn't last forever.

Just believe, baby girl. The power of the mind is not a joke. If you believe it, you can achieve. I love you, forever. Do ya thang!


OG Rae'

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