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A Rant of Sorts....

If I'm being totally honest, social media does absolutely nothing for my mental well being. Like absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. It sometimes gets to a point where I wonder if it's even possible to scroll social media and not compare. I tussle back and forth, DAILY, with the idea of going off the grid. But I'm scared. You know why? Because social has become such an integral part of branding a business. But it's not fair. I feel like there is really no way for me to translate the many dimensions of me to social media. It's hard to get people to understand me. I mostly use social media to promote my other work. I'm a writer. I do music. I'm the A&R of a record label. And above all else, I'm here to serve the folks that God assigned to me.

It's mad frustrating when I see people on social media doing the sames things I'm doing and garnering so much positive interaction, when I ask my "followers" and "friends" simple questions, I get crickets. It's like, I feel like I give out so much love and I never get the same amount back. Life has got to be so much easier off the grid. I no longer enjoy social media. It all seems so fake. Even when it's realistic, it feels like smoke and mirrors. For a moment, I wanted to be an influencer. I then realized that you have to create content that forces a reaction in order to "win." I'd wrack my brain taking a million pictures and creating the perfect caption only to get like 20 likes. What's the point of having 1000 followers if you can only get 20-30 likes. It all feels like high school. Like a popularity contest. You gotta be on social media they say. I say. I preach it to my artists. But internally, I don't believe it. And I don't want to do it.

These days it's weird to not be on social media. But I think it's freeing. I prefer the real human interactions but everything seems forced online. You can literally watch what folks are doing in real time. Did I say I'm scared to leave social? Maybe it's FOMO. But my social tribe doesn't make me feel loved so I don't know why. Every piece of content I create and post that I feel is going to kill....barely does anything. Social media can make you devalue your work. You ever tried to celebrate an accomplishment with social media only to not garner the response you'd hoped. I just want to feel all the love I share and spread. I deserve that much right? It's a lot of fake love on social. A lot of folks clocking your every move. Just watching. Trying to make sure you don't surpass them.

Everyone has a message. Everyone has a product. Everyone has a motive. Including me. How do you even make room for yourself in that. I just want to go off the grid and my business still flourish. That's all. Maybe I should stop overthinking and do it. I should probably just get out of my head. And since that'll never happen, I'm plotting on my exit. The vibes on social just ain't right for me. Thanks for coming to my TedTalk!

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