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Can You Keep It Too Real?

They say keep it real but can you really handle the truth…..

Truth is, Kanye West hasn’t been functioning on all cylinders since his mom’s untimely death and the people around him should have encouraged him to seek help….immediately…..

Truth is, Molly on Insecure could probably gain significantly from talking through her issues with a therapist….Issa too…..

Truth is, most of us feel pressured to present the perfect highlight reel on social media so everyone thinks it’s all good….

Truth is, a lot of us have no idea what we’re doing in this thing called life, we’re just learning as we go….

Have you ever met a person that kept it “too real?” You know, one of those people with no filter that just always told it like it was? Have you ever had a friend who’s opinion you didn’t want to hear but you knew they would share it anyway? What about talking to a guy that you seem to like, only to have a conversation with him and realize he’s not ready for a relationship? I mean, the list goes on and on and on. We always say we want people to keep it 100 and keep it real with us, but do we really, truly, want to always know the truth?

Have you ever found out the truth and wished you would have just lived in the lie? Been there, done that….

Now the question that sparked this write was “Can keeping it real be confused with being the “mean girl?” I mean, think back to a night you were getting dressed to go out and hit the city…. You put your outfit together and come out to show your friend and they tell you, “you look fat” or “that shirt doesn’t match” or “you look bold.” Like you thought you cleaned up nice and did that thang and they just shot your dreams down lol….. That’s what friends are for right?

But the question still stands, is there a such thing as being to real? Too authentic? Too just you?

There is a real tension between wanting to be authentic and honest, and yet also wanting to selectively omit certain things. We don’t want to air dirty laundry in public, but denying its existence can be both cowardly and superficial.

If we choose to alter our truths or only reveal part of ourselves, would that be considered being unreal or untruthful? I feel, to a certain extent, that everyone has a filter they put on in certain situations, ways, shapes, and forms. It’s sort of a buffer to keep us safe from personalities, vibes, energies and people we don’t like.

Another question arises…. “Should we have to edit our honesty?” I feel that most of us do this anyway, especially when it comes to people we care about. We sometimes sugar coat the truth or tip-toe around it in order to spare feelings and make the blow hurt a little less.

“Bad honesty” is what we like to avoid. The self-serving, evil kind. The kind of honesty where the bitter messy aunt tells the young niece she’s adopted. That’s the kind of “too real” we’re not fond of. Everything does not have to be said. Sometimes, biting your tongue is a great exercise in restraint

I’m sure this topic could go on forever and ever. Everyone on this earth has an opinion and while some of us may agree on what has been previously stated, some may disagree and interpret “the truth is the only solid ground to stand upon” as a call to action to let it all out and hold no secrets. No filters. No sugar coating. At some points, I personally feel that people misunderstand those individuals who choose to actually “keep it 100″ all the time. Society does tend to mislabel them from time to time. I think the most important thing in these situations is allowing dialogue. “You didn’t have to say that like that” and “That probably isn’t the best moment to say that,” can assist in having those difficult conversations when things get “too real.”

I say keep it real, but be courteous. Not everyone’s equipped for the “realness”

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