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My Summer Wardrobe Must-Haves!

Ok so check this out, my summer wardrobe is all about being comfy, cool and cute. I tend to keep it simple in the summer because to be honest, I'm not tryna sweat to death lol. I do my thang when I need to, but for the most part, Im on the athleisure train. Here are a few of my current summer wardrobe must haves:

1. Biker Shorts

I wear biker shorts under my dresses and also style them with t-shirts and what not. Biker shorts are really the base of a lot of my outfits. They're comfy. They give you the summer look in a lot of different ways and they aren't that expensive. I usually grab my bikers shorts at Lane Bryant. It's really hard finding bottoms that fit me correctly so bikers shorts are an easy fit and a must have for me

2. Graphic Tee's

I may be considered a graphic tee fanatic lol. I have/ have had tons of graphic tees in my lifetime. They're inexpensive and you can literally dress them up or dress them down. I grab graphic tee's where ever I see them. My latest cops (pictured below) came from Target but I'm known to grab them at Rue 21 and Walmart also. If you ask me, graphic tee's are a must have in your summer wardrobe 

3. T-Shirt Swing Dress

Who doesn't love a dress you can just throw on and keep it moving. I LOVE these dresses. Easy and Breezy lol. It's an effortless look that can be dressed up or down and they come in tons of colors. #MustCop

4. Kimonos/ Dusters

Kimonos and Dusters add that much needed flair to a simple outfit. You can wear them with all of the above mentioned pieces. They give that pop of color and flowy look that boosts any outfit. You can't go wrong

5. Headwraps

Again, you can't go wrong by adding a pop of color. Yes, I know it's hot. But head wraps give a simple ponytail a completely different level of fly. They also save the day when its a bad hair day. Either way, a head wrap is a simple way of giving your look a little more character. If I'm rocking a printed one, it probably came from The Wrap Life. If it's solid, mostly it's just fabric from Joann's. 

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