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My Flawless Skincare Routine...

First things first, let me say this now before y'all jump me. Disclaimer: I do not have problematic skin. The worst issue I have is breakouts during my cycle. With that being said, this is how I keep my skin glowing and fresh....I do what works for me. Remember, everything ain't for everybody lol, so take what you need and leave what you don't.

1. Black Soap

Black soap is for oily skin. For all my "natural" folks, y'all already know what the black soap is about. My skin is slightly oily, especially in the summer time. I've recently switched to using only black soap on my face. In the winter, I was using Clean & Clear Morning Burst but I noticed that once summer rolled around, I was looking quite oily/shiny as the day progressed. So thanks to these high temperatures, I've switched to black soap to pull the oil


1.5. When I'm feeling super oily and clogged, like after a long day, I wipe my face with rubbing alcohol. I know, I know, they say don't use alcohol on your face because it dries it out but I say do what works for you. And alcohol is what works for me. A refreshing, dry clean. I follow that up with a quick black soap wash and some moisturizer then it's night night.


2. Cream Based Moisturizer

That's what I use. Currently I use Clean & Clear Daily Moisture. I've tried Shea Butter and Coconut oil but oil based products just makes my skin feel heavy and I feel greasy. So I use a small amount of daily moisturizer to give my skin some life


** Life Saving Tip: Back in the day my mom use to grease our faces with cocoa butter. I'm talking super shiny, super greasy and I think that helped us develop such clear skin. It was like a barrier to the dirt and grime in the air lol. The defense mechanism. Anywaydoe, them butters always come through**

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