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Good Morningggg, Good Morning Love....

I'm not even a morning person bruh lol. I get up at 9:30am or 10am most mornings. Thank God for making my own schedule. (A perk of entrepreneurship) My mornings start out pretty calm. I like to keep my zen going in the morning, in hopes that it will transition throughout my day. My morning routine helps me to exude positive vibes on the daily so I thought I'd share how my mornngs start off with you!

I'll skip all the normal stuff like going to the bathroom because...DUH! lol. The first thing I do before my feet even touch the floor is I thank God for another day to get it right. People die everyday, B. I'm glad God's purpose for my life is still being fulfilled. The next thing I do after I get out of bed is I do my daily Bible reading. This year I decided to do the Read Through the Bible plan. With this plan, I read a few chapters everyday and by the end of the year, i'll have read the entire Bible. I decided to read my Bible more this year because I want to strenghten my connection with God. Sometimes I don't feel like reading but I do it anyway because God didn't have to wake me up....but he did.

If you're keeping up with my blog, you read about how I recently added 15 minutes of silence to my morning routine, thanks to Necole Kane. With those 15 minutes of silence, I think through my day and how I want it to go. It's basically a mental plan of your intentions. A mini-version of meditation if you ask me.

Now my next move is either meditation or the shower. Lately, my meditation has been accompanied by 'Ocean Sounds.' I search ocean sounds on Apple Music and I just click whatever pops up. Being near water always puts me in a calm zen mood so I've been channeling that during my meditation. If I don't feel in the mood to meditate, I'll hop in the shower and kind of talk-meditate. I organize my thoughts, plan out my day in my head and sometimes put on a concert lol.

My last morning move is writing. I'm either writing a song, writing a blog post or writing in my journal. Either way, I'm writing. Gotta get some thoughts on paper. All of my morning moves are accompanied by great smelling candles and incense. I LOVE aroma therapy so I have to have a great scent to start my morning.

So see, nothing super exciting lol. Just setting the mood and vibe for the day. All positive vibes this way. Get your mind right, Get ya grind right lol.

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