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10 Things I Can't Live Without

I'm going to tell y'all right now, if any of these things were to leave me or forsake me, I would be truly heartbroken lol. Check out 10 things that I HAVE TO HAVE! Period. No question lol, judge ya motha!

1. Water

I drink water 24/7 man. I mean, we're made up of like 80% water. Water is a Godly beverage lol. And I love it. Can't live without it. Oh and I'm not one of those people that can tell the difference between all the different types of water lol, but when it's nasty, I can tell.

2. Chapstick or Lipgloss

Dry lips drive me completely crazy. Like I literally can't concentrate if my lips are dry. I keep an EOS on deck like a patio set. Lately, I've been really into lipgloss though. Loving the NYX Butter Gloss in Cinnamon Roll and Rocky Road

3. Birthday Cake

My guilty pleasure. I freaking LOVE birthday cake man. And Lord knows I don't need it lol. But I love it like a fat kid y'all. And if I go to the party and they don't have birthday cake, I'm pissed.

4. Mexican Food

Quesidillas. Tacos. Enchilladas. Margaritas. I'm here for ALL of it. I go to this restaurant called Mexican Fiesta at least once a week. I'm basically a regular. And I'm talking more authentic mexican food. Not like Taco Bell lol. If you don't like Mexican food, we can't be friends lol

5. Fries

I mean by now, y'all probably like sis, you fat af lol. But guess what?! I don't care. Fries are life. I love all fries. And God bless whoever created them!

6. Bonnet/ Scarf

I gotta keep the edges in tact. As a member of the Same Girl Different Hair tribe, a scarf and/or bonnet are my besties. But I don't wear them out in public

7. Leggings

Das all I wear lol. Team cozy for life. You can dress them up or dress them down. My go-to item of clothing. I get most of mine from Lane Bryant. I love the quality but they do cost too damn much if you ask me lol.

8. Target

I go to Target when I need stuff. I got to Target when I don't need stuff lol. I love long walks down Target aisles. I haven't gotten bae to the "Get whatever you want" page yet though lol

9. My Family

It goes without saying. They are my EVERYTHING!

10. My Glasses

Because I'm blind y'all. Need my glasses to function. Plus they're a signature now.

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