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Respect the Human!

because sometimes y'all forget that at the end of the day, we're all just human....

So check this out, my boyfriend is a producer right. And he has a lot of clients. Clients who feel like they should have access to him 24/7 and that he is always suppose to change his schedule and life to fit their needs lol. Which brought me to this thought..... how often do we step back and take consideration for other peoples time and lives when we're doing/conducting business?

I mean, folks call and text his phone at all times of the day. They try to schedule session whenever they feel like it. They haggle him about prices as if this is just his side hustle. It just becomes A LOT to deal with. So of course, when I came into the picture, I had to teach him how to take control of his time. Because apparently the lost art of being considerate has become completely extinct.

So this is a plea.... to all human beings.... learn to respect the person behind the brand/talent. Respect their time. Respect their lives. Respect their barriers and walls and limits. Most of my favorite talents and inflluencers have family that they take care of. They are mothers and fathers and providers and they are human and entitled to spending their time as they please.

Like think about it like this, put yourself in their shoes. Let's take Myleik Teele for instance. She is currently expecting a baby boy (I can't wait. I'm so excited and happy for her lol) But anyway, time and time again she talks about how people ask her questions that are wayyy too personal or they offer her parenting advice as if she requested it. People feel they can say anything from behind the screens, not thinking or caring about how what they say effects others. I think that's an overarching theme these days. People are less courteous in general. The social media age has convinced people that individuals are suppose to share every aspect of their lives.... They say whatever. They constantly have an opinion about something that doesn't concern them. Just entitled and obviously oblivious.

Like KeKe Palmer says, "Don't let this TV (or social media or whatever) make you think that you know me!"

Though I haven't experienced this personally, I have seen firsthand the effect it can have on a person. It's important that we respect one anothers time and space. Allow people to be human and be who they are. Respect the barriers that they have set to protect themselves. The more comfortable we allow our favorite talents and influencers to be with sharing, the easier it gets. If we bombard them constantly and always overstep boundaries, we can be sure that they'll shut down and close off completely. I've seen it happen. Let's learn to respect the human being behind the brand. Spread love.

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