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Top 5 Ways to Become an Influencer in Your Career

Everyone wants to be the “big shot” in their career. We want to be the person in our field that everyone looks to for inspiration. In my case, I look to Karen Civil because I fashion myself a public relations professional, specializing in music and entertainment. I feel like Karen is definitely an

‘influencer’ in that field.


Influencer is defined as:


1. a person or thing that influences: The most powerful influencer of beliefs is directexperience.

2. a person who has the power to influence many people, as through social media ortraditional media


Here are a few tips to help you reach #ProLevels in your field:

1. Maintain Your Social Profiles

It is important to make sure all of your social media profiles are up to date and represent you well. In this age of technology, people know you first by your social profiles. Make sure you present yourself in a professional manner while also showing yourself in a relatable light. Depending on what ‘reputation’ you’re attempting to build for yourself, you must be cautious about what you share in your social profiles, but don’t feel trapped by the rules.


2. Make A Name for Yourself

Do you want to be the #HeyGirlHey or #BossBabe #Untouchable? Regardless of what type of name you want to make for yourself, in order to become an influencer in your career, you must make a name for yourself! For example, super entrepreneur and owner of curlBOX, Myleik Teele, has found a good balance between #HeyGirlHey and #BossBabe. She presents herself as relatable but is ALWAYS about her business. The catch is, you MUST live up to the name you create for yourself. Don’t sell the people dreams. While social media has become a gateway for people to create their dream life, you don’t want to be exposed as a fraud in real life! #bowwowchallenge!


3. Interact With Your Audience

I’m sure we’ve all sent a comment or a DM and never received a response from the person we reached out to. While some people are too busy to answer every message and comment, interacting with your audience does help build a relationship when you don’t seem too out of reach. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or corporate america’s #ItGirl, people want to feel like they can relate to you. In some cases, it can be as simple as responding to sis when she asks about where you bought that shirt or what lipstick you’re wearing. It can all be so simple, just talk to the people. Channel your inner DJ Khaled!


4. Build A Relationship with your Email List

I subscribed to Myleik Teele’s email list on (If you haven’t noticed, I love her. lol) Anywaydoe, every Friday she sends out an email entitled “What I’m Feeling FRIDAY.” Basically this email is a list of things she’s into or interested in that week. She talks about everything from what her faves are on Netflix to the newest recipes she’s tried. I feel like we’re friends and I’m being personally updated on best friend’s life when I get these emails. By building this relationship with her subscribers, she opens the door for many more opportunities for support. So whenever she comes to speak at a conference in a city near me, I will definitely be buying a ticket to attend! Once again, talk to the people!


5. Read Books and Articles Specific to your Industry

When all else fails, do some research. There are many people who have done what you’re doing wayyy before you thought of it. And some of them were kind enough to share their experiences via the internet, social media, and/or self-help books to make your life a lot easier. Head over to your local Barnes & Noble or iBooks or whatever way you find literature and read! The ‘For Dummies’ books can be quite helpful and informative. You’d also be surprised at the network of professional women we interview right here on the BGG site; check out our career features section for more information! #shameless plug. Bottom line, do you Research!

A few honorable mentions that can also assist in establishing yourself as an influencer include:

  • Reciprocity: a favor for a favor, a hand written Thank You card, or even a simple shout out on your social media channels can help set you apart

  • Commitment and Consistency: always deliver; if you’re going to do something, don’t just simply do it but do it well and often!

In essence, there’s some rules to this game called ‘Life’ but most of the best moments are built on experience. Sometimes you have to make your own rules. These are just a few tips to help make your journey to becoming an influencer a tad easier. Take what you need, leave what you don’t. And remember, Be Great!

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