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True Life— Folks are Delusional (Part I)

What’s good, Good People! Let me start by saying I was not expecting the response I received from my last post lol. That’s probably the first time more than 20-25 people actually read one of my blogposts. I really appreciate all the comments, love, shares, etc. So many people resonated with the topic and it’s my hope that we all find our people this year!

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Also— to clarify: A lot of folks wanted to comment and couldn‘t do so. I was just as puzzled as you because the comments are definitely on. Turns out, the comment box is all the way at the bottom of the page lol. So if you clicked the little comment icon last time and nothing happen, you were not alone. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this post to leave your thoughts and opinions!

Now, let’s dive into the illusion of the delusion of Proposal D lol [Some of you will get that reference lol]— And as you can tell from the title, I got a lot to cover so welcome to Part I!

de·lu·sion·al /dəˈlo͞oZH(ə)nəl/


  1. characterized by or holding idiosyncratic beliefs or impressions that are contradicted by reality or rational argument, typically as a symptom of mental disorder. "hospitalization for schizophrenia and delusional paranoia"

    • based on or having faulty judgment; mistaken. "their delusional belief in the project's merits never wavers"

Definitions from Oxford Languages

One day I was scrolling on Instagram and one of my favorite plus size bloggers was talking about an event she was hosting. She was looking for individuals that would be interested in having their products added to her ‘swag bags’ for the event. I hopped right on the chance to be a part of such a cool event. I wanted to create a custom whipped shea butter for said link up. I was geeked so I emailed her and inquired. She seemed so interested, asking several questions and even suggesting scents to tinker with to come up with a signature scent that was perfect for her brand. Well, the excitement was short lived because not only did she want me to come out of pocket for the labor and supplies to create 100 mini jars of shea butter in a brand new signature scent [which I didn’t have a problem with because I figured it would be a dope opportunity], BUT SHE ALSO WANTED ME TO PAY HER $300 FOR THE ‘OPPORTUNITY.’

I was puzzled when she suggested that she would be sending me an invoice. Baffled even. I mean, I just told her I was a small business [even micro at that point] and I even showed her my website which indeed would tell you I’m a one-woman team…… So much for girl power and empowerment. There wasn’t even a guarantee I would make my money back. Do you know how many brands have a form of body butter/whipped shea butter lol?! Ya. So needless to say, I had to quickly backtrack out of that because there was no way I could afford to both create the butters and pay her for the ‘look.’

Now some of you may be on her side. “She’s an influencer, they have to make their coin.” To that I say— Asking for free stuff from small businesses and then trying to charge them for the ‘look’ is pure delusion to me. She can roll that up and smoke it.

I’ve come to learn that about 80% of Detroit‘s population suffers from some form of delusion lol. [That is not an actual fact, but it might as well be lol]. We‘ve got older folks that still submit to the ‘White is Right’ concept. [Reasons why Mike Duggan is still our Mayor] We have rappers that don’t actually write any of their music but will get in interviews and describe exactly what inspired them when writing the verse. We have artists that are immensely talented and think that’s all they need to succeed. No work ethic, no drive, just talent and vibes lol. We have bloggers that never write. Which is puzzling to me because isn’t that what being a blogger is? Maybe I’m tripping. We even have ‘executives’ and ‘bosses’ with no credentials. Just a lot of finesse. And don’t forget the people who learn a new skill and want to charge $$$ for seminars and classes to teach you said skill…. Because they’re an ’expert’ now. It’s all just so….mind boggling.

I recently watched an artist post about a sync placement they got on a TV show and I’m talking about a post with a long paragraph caption, tagging everybody….. when in actuality, they don’t have music on the show. Like I know the producer of the record and I watched the clip…..Delusional. I have witnessed, on several occasions, people who live completely different lives on social media and real life. They post and show such lavish content and they fight to ’keep up with the Jones’s’ all on the innanets, but that real life is in shambles…. Delusional.

I could go on forever, but that’s why we’re going to do this in parts. It seems that ‘fantasy’ and making up stuff is more appeasing than being real these days. Delusion is the norm. People are conflating real life with fantasy aesthetics they see online. And people like me are left to wonder, Am I the crazy one lol? I kind of knew we were headed in a bad direction when I watched someone boast about how many people had RSVP‘d for a certain event and how lit is was going to be, only to arrive and it be….. not at all like she described lmao. And I think my girl knew that all along…. But hey, gotta make it sound good for the ‘gram right?!

Social Media has opened the door for a lot of delusional behaviors, but it is said to be an integral part of building a brand, so most of us have no choice but to participate. But my question is, how much is too much and how far is too far? Because the reins are loose and the delusion is out there running free….

Maybe it’s me lol. Maybe I’m delusional…. *shrugs*

But one things for sure….. reality is becoming jaded in a lot of folks heads.

Let’s chat, what are your thoughts?

As always,

Peace, Love & Light,


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4 comentários

Sad Truth and at times puzzle me on how some people upkeep the false hype😫

But like you said how far is to far?

Why we give them chances to explore this ego online or is it long going shid I wanna know myself Stuck in a world of wannabes 😪

I Scream Everyday

Not to point the finger 😑

Is it just the Millennial X 🤔



Gail Miles
Gail Miles
23 de fev. de 2022

Girl they not Listening Love it! Not roll it up and smoke it# ROTHFLMAO


The delusion is real. People don’t know how to be honest anymore because everyone wants to be “somebody“ it’s exhausting 🙄

Gail Miles
Gail Miles
23 de fev. de 2022
Respondendo a

That Part!!

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