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No Validation Needed...

In all my glory you ignore me like I’m not right there

You consistently scroll by me, it’s clear you just don’t care

I wear my heart out on my sleeve so it feels real cold

Quite bold of you to play me like I’m not the glue that holds

This whole thing together, keep it from hitting the ground

When that tree fell in the forest please know it made a sound

My heart cries out continuously hoping you’d give me a chance

Give me a ring

Give me sell, share, man anything

To be oh so talented and yet feel invisible

To create and create and yet feel unacknowledged

To read your private praise and wonder why it's not public

I've never seen you share a thing, yet you say that you love it

Though love is steeped in action, I can't tell you're on my team

How you call yourself my friend but can't support my dreams

Not realizing your recognition does not give my work more value

Your validation is not necessary

Your projections hold no weight

Your opinion does not push me forward

My gifts make plenty of room for me

No validation needed

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