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Free Write 001

Many of nights I’ve spent alone with my tears

Thoughts in my mind constantly fueling my fears

This ain’t the way the love feels when I watch tv

Can’t really feel fire between you and me

Thought you were the man of my dreams

Don’t wanna think no different

When your actions aren't matching, my wheels start spinning

I really want to love you til I have nothing left

Just to keep you afloat, I'd give you my last breath

When tears fall from my eyes and my heart starts to ache

Couldn't imagine losing you, I'd have nothing left

Relationships take work. I wrote this piece of a poem one night in Atlanta in the midst of a super struggle. That move really put some momentary stress on my relationship. You never know how outside factors can really effect your relationship until you're in the midst. We were truly tested and I'm immensely grateful that we were able to overcome. What a blessing. Everyone isn't built for the life we lead but God really equipped us to persevere. Here's a gentle reminder that all relationships are different. Do what works FOR YOU. There are tons of rules and tons of advice available but everything ain't for everybody. Please remember that. With the up's, there can be downs. My question to you would be: is he/she worth the risk and investment that relationships entail? My answer- ABSOLUTELY!

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