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Where Were You When IG & FB Crashed?

It’s time for the second drop. The plan was to drop a song every 5 days and keep the slaps coming all year. We’ve been in the studio working. GRINDING! Every. Day. So boom, we’re prepping for the latest release. Artwork is done. I’m working on the post rollout stuff. I click on my Instagram app andddddddd everything’s messed up. Timeline has lots of posts from 3 days ago. I can’t post to my story. My page won’t refresh..... just totally malfunctioning. Ok cool, that’s fine. Let’s try Facebook..... Facebook is like nah too. So I’m asking folks “y’all socials messing up too or am I tripping.” The consensus was the Facebook network, as a whole, is down. Greattttttttt. Mattie warned us about this smh.

The importance of having your own. Mattie James has always said its good to have your own site and your own email lists because if cousin Facebook or cousin Instagram decide to close up shop, some of our careers would go right with it. Mine not included lol, because I owns my ish. But here’s the thing, there were “IG models” and “influencers” everywhere losing it, I’m sure. The platform you’ve used to build your entire career has crashed and you have ABSOLUTELY NO BACK UP. What to do, what to do?!?!? Our society has an unhealthy obsession with social media also. I found myself periodically checking both platforms like a feign trying to see if they were back working. You know, I want to loose myself from this obsession but I just keep going back lol. And even on the day when the platforms are LITERALLY down, not working, I’m still feigning smh. Truth be told, I use socials quite a bit to promote my personal blog and what not. Most of you guys probably found out about this blog from social media. So yea, it’s been mad helpful. But my main thing these days has been to figure out how to translate all the things I use social media for into more real life practices and what not. You know, get back out there and touch the people. Face to Face. Like before Facebook and Instagram stole my attention span lol. I bet some folks experienced some great conversation while the socials were down. I mean unless you’re an avid Twitter user. Folks probably even picked up a book or something. Before socials ran the world, things were different but somehow I don’t remember my life without them lmao. Sike naw but forreal, this definitely felt like a wake up call. Time to own your own masters like Nipsey Hussle lol. (Some of y’all may not get that)

Anywaydoe, all of this to say, where is your home base? Where is your businesses hub and do you own it? If the socials were to never get right again, will your business and brand survive? What other marketing strategies do you have in place? How else will people stay informed on the new happenings of your business? Do you have an email list that's already rockin' for you? QUESTIONS THAT NEED ANSWERS! Here are a few tips, courtesy of one my favorite creatives, Brittney Jeanine, to make sure you’re not down and out if the socials crash again: 1. Get your freebie game on lock! If you do not have some sort of lead capture built into your website you're missing out! This is a great way to grow your email list and still position yourself as an expert by sharing valuable content to those on your list. 2. Use your existing network. Yes, you may have connects in your industry where you guys can exercise some cross marketing! I scratch your back, you scratch mine "know what I'm sayin'" (i.e. if you're a wine company you're calling a cheese company as we speak!)

3. Use what you already have. If you have a blog and/or podcast to push your content—go for it! This is a good way to train your people to connect with you in new ways anyway.

4. Make sure you know how to update your website. It's 2019! If you are still relying on a designer to login and update your site, you need to book a training session now! I am VERY adamant about people having the freedom to at least update text, imagery and pop-up windows!

5. Start collecting phone numbers! When I speak, I use a service called Textiful that allows me to collect the contact information for those listening in on my talk! This is another way to interact with your audience! Start thinking about text campaigns for those already in your database too!

6. Create a referral program! There is nothing like good ol' word of mouth! Think about an incentive program for your current/past clients so they are inclined to spread the word about your business!

7. Shoot your shot! I am sure you have some dream clients floating in your head right now! Listen friend...shoot your shot! Go ahead and pitch your service to see how you all can best work together!

8. Check out events in your city. There may be an event poppin' off right now! And given that you just "might" be a little old school still, go with business cards in hand!

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