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What's A Relationship without Romance?

I mean, am I the only person that feels like that? If you're an avid reader of my blog, you know I've written a previous relationship post about the question "Is love enough?" In my opinion, its not. And if you're interested in my detailed opinion, head over to that post and read up. But anywaydoe, today's topic of conversation is Romance! I'm a hopeless romantic so I can go on for dayssssss, but i'll just keep it simple today lol. I'll begin with a disclaimer of sorts: I am not a relationship guru. This all based solely on my experiences in past and present relationships and also my opinion. Alright, now that we got that out of the way, let's dive in. This whole post was sparked by something I saw on Instagram. It was basically a post about the importance of romance and a lot of folks were talking about how there are more important things to worry about than romance...... And I'm not sure how I feel about that....

It was said on IG that people should worry about more "important" things in relationships like being able to "build together," finances and planning and a host of many other things. Now, don't get me wrong, all of those things are important, especially if we're talking long-term. But I wouldn't just blow off the romance portion. Because personally, if there's a lack in romance, I'm feeling a waysssssss. But that's just me *shrugs*

According to, romance can be defined as follows:




  1. a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.

"in search of romance"

  1. a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.

"the beauty and romance of the night"

synonyms:mystery, glamour, excitement, exoticism, mystique;


  1. court; woo.

"the wealthy estate owner romanced her"

synonyms:woo, chase, pursue;

  1. another term for romanticize.

"to a certain degree I am romancing the past"

So I'll start by saying this, in my opinion, romance is not the most important aspect of a relationship BUT I do feel like it plays a large role in relationships. I feel like romance keeps relationships fresh. It helps a couple avoid monotony. According to some folks who like to discuss relationships on the internet, (a message board guys lol. the next 3 sentences are from a message board) It is like a fuel that keeps a relationship going. It keeps a relationship fun, exciting and worthwhile. When both partners work hard to make a relationship work, to make each other happy and kindle romance, the result is a lasting and satisfying relationship. A relationship without romance is basically a friendship lol. Which is cool but when you want to take it to that next level, that bae level, things tend to become more "romantic" so that you can get your point across.... right? Either way it goes, I wouldn't neglect the "romance" if I were you.

Darius Lovehall said it best, "Romance is about the possibility of the thing." And if you don't know the rest of that line/moment, shame on you lol. Go watch Love Jones and refresh yourself. Anywaydoe, I think it's safe to say that romance looks completely different for different couples. Some women would say it's romantic for a guy to send you flowers for no reason. Some men would say it's romantic for his significant other to fix his favorite meal. Some couple somewhere may find a trip to Family Video romantic lol. I think it's up to the couple to define their romance and to never neglect it. In Love Jones, it was said that if a couple feels like the spark is gone, it is because they have exhausted the possibility. And in my opinion, if you're in a relationship with someone you truly love, the possibilities are endless.

So let me wrap this up before it gets too long. If you came into this post thinking that romance in relationships wasn't important, think again. While it may not be a top priority to some, it should definitely not fall by the wayside. Keep it fresh. Keep it popping lol. Make bae happy and spice it up a little. Romance creates fun and allows you to build unforgettable memories. But I mean, if you're not into that type of stuff *shrugs* then be my guest and leave this information for your neighbor lol.

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